Five Things to Do in Provincetown, Massachusetts

Things to do in Provincetown, Massachusetts - Houses on Commercial Street
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Hello from New England! I’m beyond thrilled to be embarking on a fall foliage cruise with Seabourn for 11 days. The cruise goes up New England and into Canada. I’m hoping to see some gorgeous leaves and experience some crisp weather. This is my first cruise experience and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to be on this trip with Haley of Ready Set Jet Set. All of the photos you’ll see on this trip will be taken by her and I know they’ll be beautiful and so scenic! I’ll have more about the actual cruise ship and experience onboard in a future post but wanted to share about our first port stop.  In this post, I’m excited to share five things to do in Provincetown, Massachusetts. It’s a quaint town and even though we were only there for a few hours, it was a fun experience and I can see why so many people love to summer there!

Five things to do in Provincetown, Massachusetts
Photo by Ready Set Jet Set

Five things to do in Provincetown, Massachusetts - visit the house with a huge American flag

1. Explore Commercial Street

Known for its coastal and Patriotic New England vibes, Provincetown has plenty of American flags throughout the community. Commercial Street sounds just like what you’d expect – a lot of commercial businesses. From our tender off the Seabourn Quest, we were met with tons of local restaurants and shops. Commercial Street is vibrant and full of the spirit of PTown as Provincetown is lovely known as.

Stroll a little further down Commercial Street and you’ll start to see some charming bed and breakfast spots and quaint homes. At 77 Commercial Street is a beautiful home with a massive American flag draped on the front. It looks like a spot where weddings take place because of the wedding decor. It’s a definite must on my five things to do in Provincetown. There are other beautiful homes to take in too. One thing I loved about Commercial Street is how there are a few new construction homes mixed in with the historic ones. They emulate the charm of the older ones but have that fresh look.

2. Eat Clam Chowder

You can’t go to this coastal town without ordering a hot bowl of New England Clam Chowder. We got a cup of clam chowder from Box Lunch on Commercial Street and it hit the spot. To be honest, I can’t exactly tell the difference between New England Clam Chowder and regular clam chowder but the soup was divine and the perfect lunch spot. This spot is locally owned and has been open for business for more than 40 years! They also have a basil-infused lemonade you have to try!

Five things to do in Provincetown, Massachusetts - House with American flag

3. See the Provincetown Library

The tall historic structure you see in the photo below is actually the Provincetown Library. It’s gorgeous in person and on the day we were there, a lovely street artist was performing. When a city keeps magnificent structures like this for public use, it always makes me happy. Warning: it is hard to get a good shot of the library up close since it’s so tall and located close other structures. You may not get an instagram worthy shot but it’s beautiful to look at and worth a trip inside to check out the interior.

4. Grab Coffee with a View

Coffee and food is included on the ship and I’m trying to lower my coffee intake. However, if I needed some battery acid, I would have stopped at Kohi Coffee Company. Reviews say this spot has smooth coffee and the best beach views. Who wouldn’t want to sip on their latte while taking in the ocean air? The inside of the actual shop is modern and perfect for photos, too.

5. Take Pictures off MacMillan Pier

Our first introduction and final goodbye to Provincetown. If you want good photos of Provincetown, this is a must on my list of five things to do in Provincetown. From the pier, you can get scenic shots of the town, especially with the library towering in the background. You’ll get some sand, some water, maybe even some birds for that perfect IG worthy shot.

Five things to do in Provincetown, Massachusetts

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