My Travel Must-Haves & Best Clothes For Work Trips

Blogger Hoang-Kim shares work travel outfits with a sleeveless turtleneck, merino wool coat and black pantsWork travel outfits with a sleeveless turtleneck, merino wool coat and black pants[outfit_details]Sleeveless Turtleneck, Black Scuba Pants, Merino Wool Coat c/o of M.M. LaFleur
Christian Louboutin Pumps (similar), Kendra Scott Earrings c/o, Steamline Luggage (similar)[/outfit_details]

Hi Y’all! Traveling can be stressful, especially if it’s for work. So excited to share my travel must-haves whether you’re a working woman going on a business trip or heading to recharge on vacation. I’m going to share my favorite luggage, packing cubes, a little packing advice along with clothing that doesn’t wrinkle! Trust me, when I’m traveling I hate having to bring a steamer. If you’re already late to a work conference, the last thing you want to add to your list is ironing or steaming a shirt. I hope this post helps you for your next trip, whether it’s for work, vacation or something in between!

Travel must haves including a leather backpack for work, lightweight luggage, packing cubes, makeup bag and more


I got these a few months ago and to be honest, I don’t know how I lived without them! They are perfect for compressing clothes and really making the most out of your luggage. Plus, I like to use them to separate my outfits for easy grabbing when I’m in a hotel room! Definitely a travel must-have for me. This set comes with three different sized mesh bags, one slightly opaque bag and a shoe bag. It’s perfect whether you’re traveling for just a weekend or a full two weeks like I currently am.


Everything I need for makeup and skincare fits in this bag, which is insane! I love how it’s less than $30 and has adjustable compartments. Take advantage of this and play around to get all of your stuff to fit. The only things I can’t fit in this bag are hairspray and dry shampoo. Another reason this is one of my travel must-haves is you can fit this in your carry-on bag!


I’ve had this bag for nearly two years and it still hasn’t let me down. I love how it’s a hard suitcase so I don’t have to worry about it getting squished. Plus, I love the aesthetic. However, the reason it’s one of my travel must-haves is it’s functional. I love how it has a stop function for the wheels when you’re on an incline (no one likes their bags rolling away, the bag is separated into two instead of one big compartment, and there are lots of zippers inside. I have both the carry-on bag and the 29″ bag, which I check-in.


I have the older model but my life completely changed after getting this backpack. I initially got it because I needed something sophisticated I could fit my 15″ laptop in when I travel. I’m not a fan of tote bags, especially since they don’t zip and the uneven weight distribution. I had plans to only use this for travel but right after my first trip with it, I immediately switched from using my Longchamp tote, which I used for five years, to this backpack for work. Getting both of arms back while being able to carry a whole lot more was incredible! My fav makeup case fits in it along with so much more. I know the price tag is hefty, but this bag is truly worth every penny. I love spotting other boss ladies wear it in airports and hotels.


This makeup bag is such a good deal! For less than $20, this bag has adjustable compartments, so you can truly fit everything you need inside. I have the mini size, which fit all of my skincare and makeup items for my 2-week trip! You may need to play a little Tetris, but you should be able to get everything you need organized inside. Another reason this is one of my travel must-haves is there is a separate space for your brushes to keep them clean. However, I do still recommend these brush sleeves!

Work travel outfit that's wrinkle-resistant and perfect for boss lady outfits

Best Clothing for Work Travel or Business Trips

Sometimes the thought of traveling for work or on business seems glamorous or at least make you feel like a boss lady for a minute. Then the stress of what to wear, how to make sure you have enough outfits, plus making sure you still perform and do a good job sinks in. I want to share a brand I’m excited to partner with called M.M. La Fleur. They make elegant and sophisticated clothes for women who need to look sharp at all times. Whether you’re a leader in the workplace or hoping to earn that role soon, you’re going to love this brand. It’s perfect for women who are busy, don’t want to think about fashion but want to have great style. They believe you’re the C.E.O. of your life and you should look good. Plus, many of their pieces are machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant! That’s music to my ears as bringing a steamer or fussing with an iron on a work trip is not fun.

When I am looking at buying work clothes, I think about the number of times I can wear an item. Can I restyle it multiple ways? How is the quality? Will it last? All of these pieces do just that. On my recent 2-week trip alone, I wore this sleeveless turtleneck at least four times! It’s a versatile piece you can wear with slacks, a skirt, jeans and even athletic leggings if you wanted to! These skinny pants are made of a scuba material so they are practically wrinkle-free.  You could literally bunch this into a ball, throw into your luggage, pull them out and wear right away with not a single crease! The fit is so flattering and perfect for work. The third item I want to talk about is this 100 percent merino wool coat. I’m simply blown away by how warm it is since it’s so lightweight. Huge win since it won’t take up a ton of room in your suitcase! Plus, the drape is so flattering and it has pockets. Style for work or wear with jeans on the weekend.

Blogger Hoang-Kim shares a work travel outfit that's wrinkle-resistant and perfect for boss lady outfits

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