Lunar New Year Decor in Our Home

blogger hoang-kim cung shares her lunar new year decor

Lunar New Year is one of the most celebrated holidays in Asian culture. It’s a holiday filled with tradition, culture, good food and a few little superstitions for luck! This year is the Year of the Cat for those who are Vietnamese. For everyone else, it’s the Year of the Rabbit. There are actually three animals on the zodiac that are different for Vietnamese. Part of celebrating Lunar New Year is getting your home ready for the big day. This includes Lunar New Year decor! Cleaning to make sure you start the year fresh, decorating with specific blossoms depending on what you wish will come out of that year, banners with different sayings and blessings and firecrackers to ward off evil spirits.

I wanted to do a slightly different theme this year since we typically do a lot of red and yellow. While those are the traditional colors, I love red with blue and white. It gives me a bit of that modern fresh feel, while I know it’s still quite traditional. I incorporated blue and white with the ginger jar and love the touch!

red orchids lunar new year decor

These red orchids are also a new addition and I love how rich and vibrant they are. I plan on leaving them out past Lunar New Year and most of February! They look really realistic and represent abundance and fertility. Funny enough we are expecting a baby girl this year! We love the touch of the faux florals in our living room because it gives off the Lunar New Year vibes without being too much.

yellow blossoms, small banners and silk lanterns entryway lunar new year decor

In our entryway we hung silk lanterns and have our traditional yellow blossoms. The silk lanterns are probably some of my favorite Lunar New Year decor. This is also where we have the small banners displayed with the different Lunar New Year sayings. We got this entryway completed last spring so it’s our first time really decorating it for Lunar New Year. I love how it turned out because the moment you walk into our home, you’re greeted with all these signs for good luck!

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