How We Decorate Our Living Room for Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is upon us and I wanted to share how we decorate. We love the bright auspicious colors but want to add our own individual touch to make it more modern. Last year we did a mix of the kitchen and living room. This year, I wanted to focus more on the living room since it’s a gathering space in our home. Last year was our first year really going all out.

We did a mix of the kitchen and living room last year for our decor. I wanted to center it around our living room this year so we can keep the island clear for all the food we’ll be bringing in hehe! Plus, now that we have a cabinet and our full living room setup it makes such a difference! This makes our living room even more of a statement when you enter our home and gives that festive feeling right away!


We brought out the same lanterns we got last year. I will say, the round one had a minor crash, but we turned it 180 degrees and you can’t really tell. Lanterns are an easy way to get in the spirit and make such an impact. I opted for red, but these come in tons of colors. I like how they come in different shapes so you can mix and match for the look you want. I use clear mini command hooks to hang them from the ceiling with clear fishing wire.

Faux Florals

I’m always a sucker for faux florals because they never die. While real florals have that special feeling, faux florals still make a huge impact! My exact yellow florals have been in my family for years and I think my Mom got them from Vietnam. I’m linking pink cherry blossoms and yellow faux florals here. I love putting them in this massive vase, which makes it a statement. Another perk with faux florals is they are good year-round, not just for Lunar New Year!


I wanted to create a garland that looked great in our living room and this one added just the right finishing touches! I strung along a thin velvet red ribbon as the main piece that held all the banners together. The ribbon I then placed underneath our decor books with double-sided tape that wouldn’t ruin our mantel. This garland is the main focal point in our living room and I love how it looks so much!

Leather Poufs

I added these leather poufs from Arhaus this year because Papa Cung always turns on the fireplace and stands there. He loves the warmth so we figured we would give him proper seating. Plus, you can never have too much seating in your living room and these poufs exceed my expectations! I love that they tie in our recliner and are great for when friends come over. They are firm enough so that when you sit on them, they don’t sink down. I love the added channel stitching and they are on sale right now, too!  

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