Combined Bachelor and Bachelorette Party: Your Guide to Hosting

blogger Hoang-Kim Cung at her combined bachelor and bachelorette party

Johnny and I have been together for 12 years, and over that time, we’ve been able to really become friends with each others’ friends. Plus, Johnny is friends with my bridesmaids’ husbands and vice versa, so it felt fitting to do a combined bachelor and bachelorette party. It was important to us that we take advantage of our wedding to have everyone we love in the same place because as Johnny says, “There are few times in your life you can get everyone you love into one room—your wedding and your funeral—and you’re only conscious for one of them.” We feel so lucky to have enjoyed a weekend away with our people. Here are some of the most important things we thought about when planning the weekend for our combined bachelor and bachelorette party:

Consider Compatibility

Hosting a combined bachelor and bachelorette party may not make sense if you don’t think your friends will truly get along, because then some people may feel awkward and you’ll end up being split up anyway. We knew our friends would love each other, which made a ski weekend sound all the more fun. At the end of the trip, I was even told, “Your friends are so great, I’d actually hang out with them without you.” There’s no better confirmation of success!


Size Matters

There are potential pros and cons to having a big combined bachelor and bachelorette party. If everyone comes, splitting costs allows you to rent somewhere nicer and bigger, maybe even with a better location. On the other hand, finding a house with enough bedrooms could be challenging. Size is also important to consider when it comes to activities. If you want to get dinner or take a class, call in advance to see if they can accommodate your party.


It’s All About Location

You might have found a great house that’s a reasonable distance from everyone, but is it in the right location? A country farmhouse won’t work if you want to go out at night, but could be ideal for a combined bachelor and bachelorette party all about rest and relaxation.


Choose the Right Activities

Everyone has a different idea of what a good time is, and while the two most important people to think about are you and your partner, you still want all your friends to have a good time. Skiing ended up the perfect activity for our combined bachelor and bachelorette party, because it was something new and seasoned skiers could both enjoy. Back at the house, there was a wrap-around kitchen, a centrally located fireplace, lots of seating, and three living spaces to talk, cook, eat, play games, and relax. Something for everyone!


Stay Organized

It’s always important to stay organized, but with a large combined bachelor and bachelorette party like ours (we had 18 people!), it’s imperative. We added everyone to a Google Doc and filled it in with flight information, activities planned, and updates. A group text may work depending on the logistics involved, but it’s easy for details to get lost when everyone’s texting back and forth.

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