How to Wear Bold Prints for Spring


How to Wear Bold Prints for Spring | Outfit c/o White House Black Market
Pleated Neck Sweater Tank (Petite XXS), Plaid Skirt  (Petite 00, also in black), D’Orsay Heels, Pink Flap Clutch

When it comes to spring and summer, I’m a big fan of color and bold prints. However, these looks can be hard to pull off. I’m sharing my favorite ways for how to wear bold prints for spring and with these three tips, you can nail any bold look! One of my favorite colors to wear is pink and red. They both stand out and with so many different shades, you’re sure to find the one that’s right for you. For this particular look, I’m going with a chic office look featuring bold prints. I’m a big believer you don’t have to sacrifice style and personality for office wear. There’s nothing wrong with standing out in a good way! Plus, it’s good to show some personality with your clothes.

Keep it in the Same Color Family

I love when outfits are within the same color family because it makes for a really chic look. Plus, it helps the bold print blend together a bit more with the other pieces in your outfit. The lighter pink tone in this plaid skirt is the same color as the sleeveless sweater I’m wearing. This really pulls the outfit together and makes the look cohesive. My favorite thing to do in this scenario is to hold up the print to other pieces in your closet and see what matches best. Chances are, you most likely have something in your closet you can easily pair it with. I went with the lighter pink tones so the brighter pink can be bold when it comes to this look.

Star of the Show

Choose one piece that’ll be the star of your outfit and let it shine. Don’t have competing pieces because then your outfit will get too busy and start looking mismatched. Sometimes pattern play can work but it has to be very well done and there’s a fine line. To be safe, stick with one bold print. I knew I wanted this plaid skirt to shine so everything else is a solid and subdued. My top and clutch are light pink while my d’Orsay pumps are a complementary nude. This lets the attention go straight to the bold print of my skirt.