How A Special Skating Goal Made Us Better

How to Improve Your relationship with figure sktingFigure skating at the Dallas Galleria
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On Him: Light Gray Cloudknit Hoodie (softest ever), Navy Blue Joggers, Jackson Skates[/outfit_details]

This post is made in collaboration with Chase Freedom Unlimited. All opinions are my own.

About eight months ago, I made a promise to myself to pursue something that used to be my entire life: figure skating. When I partnered with Chase Freedom Unlimited earlier this year, I set a goal of taking figure skating more seriously. Johnny happily joined me on this journey and to my slight surprise, I’m excited to share how a special skating goal made us better.

I still remember my very first purchase with my Chase Freedom Unlimited: it was for a public skate session at an ice-skating rink in Richardson, Texas. Johnny and I skated together for a few hours, working on his basic skating skills, me practicing my spins and just trying to get back in the groove. Since then, we have been to the rink countless times.

Fun date ideas: going figure skating at the Dallas Galleria Fun date ideas: going figure skating at the Dallas Galleria

Our Time Together

Very early on, Johnny and I developed a routine: we go skating and afterward, we get Boba tea. We both live pretty stressful lives and having this time where we go skating and then sip on our taro milk tea really made this special. In addition to earning on our ice time, I would also earn cash back on our Boba purchases. Thanks to our Chase Freedom Unlimited cash-back credit card, I earn 1.5 percent cash back on all purchases, including our post-skate tea. I think that time was even more special to me than the skating because it represented something Johnny and I could do just the two of us. It would always be just us sipping on our Boba and chatting about life.

In a recent post with Chase Freedom Unlimited, I talked about five ways to strengthen your relationship. For me and Johnny, we learned how great we are as a team after being long-distance for about six years. Learning to plan and figuring out a schedule for both of us to go figure skating not only lead to self-improvement for both of us individually, but as a couple. It wasn’t always easy and parts of it were stressful, but we learned how to better communicate as a couple and that made us stronger.

Going figure skating wearing Outdoor Voices cloudknit and techsweat at the Dallas Galleria

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Fun date ideas: going figure skating at the Dallas Galleria

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