Hidden Shoe Storage Under $100 in Our Entryway

After installing our brand new iron door, we decided we needed to really get our entryway in order. A few weeks back I ordered this massive brass floor mirror. It just arrived and is absolutely everything I dreamed of. Then it came time to tackle another problem: the shoes starting to pile up in our entryway. We don’t have many people come over, just immediate family. However, even just two pairs of shoes can look a little unruly, which is where hidden shoe storage came into play.

This piece less than $100 and relatively small and minimal. I’ll be honest: it does come in a bunch of parts. Johnny says it’s neither hard nor super easy to install and you get what you pay for. Johnny had it up and ready in about an hour and we love it.

Entryway with hidden shoe organization, Pinkys Iron Doors Air 19 door, Rejuvenation brass floor mirror, Sputnik chandelier, velvet pouf, Wayfair hidden shoe storage.

For less than $100 this hidden shoe storage is a gem because each drawer can hold about six pairs of shoes, so you can store up to 12. There’s a shelf inside each drawer essentially splitting it in half. I would suggest potentially taping some type of shelf liner to the inside unless you don’t mind them getting dirty. I love how it hides so many shoes but doesn’t look like a flat out shoe holder.

You know that saying about measuring twice? I measured twice but sometimes things are just bigger than their measurements. I actually originally planned to put this on the little wall opposite of where it currently is. It fits but just feels like it cramps up the entryway.

At the last minute before moving it into the garage, Johnny and I moved it to the current spot and I like it! This won’t be its permanent home, but it’s a great spot. No one ever opens the iron door all way since it’s so heavy, so the cabinet won’t get damaged. I spruced it up a bit with a vase, faux florals and wreath.

 J.Crew flutter sleeve top with Serena & Lily dipped vase, faux peonies, Kendra Scott Jennifer earrings, Pinkys Iron Doors Air 19, Rejuvenation floor mirror

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