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I know this gift guide for her is late, but in all honesty, Jonathan and I joke my whole blog is a gift guide, ha! However, many of you and a lot of my guy friends have been asking for this, so here goes nothing! Similar to Jonathan’s gift guide, this will be great for all the women in your life, whether it’s Mom, Mother in law, sister, best friend, coworker, you name it!

The Gifts that Keep on Giving

  • Rent the Runway Unlimited – Honestly, one of the best things I’ve ever spent money on. Not only do I have an affinity for clothes I can’t afford to buy yet but I love being able to mix it up. Rent the Runway will allow her to have a closet on the cloud, always getting something new. What started as a way to rent special occasion dresses and gowns now has clothes for every day. For the price, you get four items at a time and swap them out an unlimited amount of times. I get one at a time, so I can get about 15-20 items a month! I couldn’t imagine a gift guide for her without this on it!
  • Le Tote – Similar to Rent the Runway but has more of a selection of everyday clothes and includes workout wear! Le Tote also has maternity clothing. For the price, 10 items come in the box including accessories. You also have the option to buy the pieces you love for 50% off the retail price! The ones you don’t like, return at the end of the month and get new items!
  • Start a Wealth Management Account – Over the summer, I worked with SoFi to share how I’m planning for my future to be financially stable. SoFi helps with student loan refinancing, wealth management and so much more. Put in the minimum $100 to get her started or add more.

Books on Books on Books!

  • In the Company of Women – An excellent compilation of interviews with incredible women. A personal favorite and way to inspire and motivate her whether she leaves it on her coffee table and reads one story a week or goes through it at once. There are stories and advice from more than 100 artists, entrepreneurs and creators.
  • Homebody – What woman doesn’t love Joanna Gaines!? This newest release will make any woman swoon and inspire her to make her house even more of a home. Regardless of decor style, Joanna has something for everyone. The moment I saw this, I had to have it, especially since we are moving and I’m looking to decorate our new space!
  • Option B – Honestly, one of the most impactful books I’ve ever read. Sheryl Sandberg is a big inspiration as the COO of Facebook, a Mom and unfortunately, a widow. In this book, Sheryl gives actionable advice on how you can get through your worst obstacle and help you help your loved ones make it through the unimaginable. Without a doubt, a must on my gift guide for her.
  • InstaStyle – The high priestess of Instagram, Tezza, shares how she built her empire and how you can too. A stunning read and perfect coffee table book, regardless of whether the woman in your life wants to be an Influencer or not, this will help inspire and help her to capture life beautifully.
  • 52 Lists for Togetherness – A journal to help you connect with your loved ones. Definitely something on my wish list for the near future!

Tranquility Time

  • Facial Mask – I love a good face mask on the weekends and use this three times a week. The woman in your life will thank you for renewed skin that’s as soft as ever. It does feel like fire ants are eating your face but the soft skin you get on the other side will be worth it.
  • Tiled Initial Mug – These mugs are always a hit! They are personal, beautiful and beautiful quality. Whether she drinks four cups of coffee, which transforms her into wonder woman, winds down at the end of the day with tea, or like me, oat milk at all times of the time, she’ll love this.
  • Super Soft Cardigan – An insanely soft cardigan she will never want to take off. Comes in tons of colors and runs true to size. A big plus for this is how it can be worn at work, casually and of course at home. It’s basically like wearing a hug and who doesn’t want that?
  • Winter Cozy in a Candle – Imagine all the things you love about winter and how cozy it is. That’s this candle. I buy at least one each winter and love to have it lit. A low-key gift on this gift guide for her but something she’ll love and want to buy on her own.
  • Lavender Spray – I use this on nights I feel stressed or too wound up to get to bed right away. All she needs to do is spritz a little on her pillow and she’s ready for a great night’s sleep.

Recharge & Ready

  • Luxurious Eyemask & Pillowcase – My favorite eye mask hands down. The silk is absolutely luxurious and the pillowcase will help with a good night’s sleep. Perfect for the woman who needs to get 20 million things done in a day. Or the woman who needs at least eight hours of sleep, that’s actually me. Plus, a good night’s sleep is important.
  • Reversible Pom Throw – I like to think of this as a gift for everyone because this throw is something to share. It’s beautiful, ultra soft and reversible. I have the gray and it is a permanent additio to my living room.
  • Rose Quartz Roller – The perfect way for the woman in your life to wind down at the end of the day. This rose quartz roller is one of my favorites on this gift guide for her because it’s probably something she doesn’t have and won’t think of. This will improve her skin because it pushes the skin care she has into her skin and makes it better.
  • Foldable Ballet Flats – The feeling of taking off a painful pair of shoes and slipping on flats is like heaven. I own a pair of these travel ballet flats and they are a lifesaver. I actually brought this exact pair to Miss USA and would slip them on during rehearsal when I wasn’t onstage. Once her feet are comfortable again, she’s recharged and ready to take on the next task in her favorite heels!
  • Feminine Bedding – A statement yet versatile and will last for years. The ruffles definitely make this bedding more on the feminine side. However, it’s perfect for year round. Cool enough during summer and cozy enough for the winter!

Constantly Confident

  • Chic Coat – My very first coat from this retailer and still one of my favorites. Perfect for any woman, it’ll keep her warm and make her feel beautiful. 100 percent wool and comes in beautiful colors, this is a steal since it’s on sale! She can throw this on over casual outfits, wear it to work or even over her cocktail dress for special occasions.
  • Over the Knee Boots – Definitely a splurge gift but one she’ll remember for years to come. My sister gifted me these in 2014 and they are still going strong. There are similar pairs out there but you get what you pay for. The SW pair is incredibly warm and so comfortable. I honestly couldn’t get through winter without them. Similar pairs I love include this pair and this pair.
  • Statement Earrings – Y’all know I love a good pair of statement earrings. These are stunning, unique and will go with practically any outfit. What I love about jewelry is anyone can wear it, regardless of age. Here is another pair I love.
  • Curls for Days – Hands down my favorite curling iron and a must on this gift guide for her. This curling iron is not only beautiful but will give her beautiful curls, whether she has long hair, short hair or it’s an in-between length. What woman doesn’t want soft beautiful curls reminiscent of Victoria Secret Angels?!
  • Beautiful Eyes – Help her make those beautiful eyes pop even more with this must-have eyeshadow palette. Chock full of stunning mattes and shimmers, this item on my gift guide for her will last months, if not years and she’s sure to thank you for it!
  • Wrap Coat – Another stunning coat that’s incredibly versatile. I have the greyish beige color and it goes with everything! Also available in black as well. This fits true to size, has a flattering silhouette and will make her look stunning.

Feeling Fit

  • Workout Kit – I have never loved workout gear like this. Made by women for women, the fit and feel of this brand is unlike any other. Trust me, she’ll be hooked and you will be too! The fabric is absolutely incredible and is ultra soft, yet performs and holds up under any situation. Probably my favorite recommendation on this gift guide for her!
  • Better Sweater – Warm, cozy and stylish. What more could you ask for in a sweater? I love the half-zip which allows her to bundle up or relax a bit. This is what I reach to when the temperatures get frigid as it’s perfect for layering and is sure to keep her nice and toasty!
  • Sweet Kicks – My favorite pair of tennis shoes. So much so, I own them in four colors, which honestly might be a bit much. They are light, springy and make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. Yet, despite all of this, they are a great training shoe, perfect for running, hiking all the way to just heading to the grocery store. If she loves sneakers, I also recommend this leather pair, perfect for streetwear.
  • Sleek Jacket – Get rid of the bulk and stay sleek in this stunning workout jacket. All the stretch you could want with a modern silhouette. Comes in plenty of colors but I’m eyeing the pink and beige.

All the Pretty Things

  • Divine Perfume – This is my favorite scent and I know she’ll love it too! It’s just the right amount of floral, sweet but not overbearing. Not to mention the bottle is just exquisite. Definitely a great gift!
  • Jewelry Box – What I love about this jewelry box is it’s as beautiful as the jewelry she’ll put in it. White and gold will look beautiful in any space she puts this in and it’ll put her jewelry on display making sure she sees each piece she has and can wear them out!
  • Makeup Bag – My absolute go-to fo keeping my makeup with me all day and when I travel. The smaller size fits in my backpack and purse for everyday use. The larger size holds all of my beautiful essentials for when I’m jet-setting somewhere. Available in plenty of stunning colors. Get her monogram added and this is a must on this gift guide for her.
  • French-Style Luggage – She’s sure to look chic traveling with this French-style luggage. Available in white with cognac or brown with cognac. I’ve had this luggage for more than a year and it still looks stunning! The white exterior wipes clean with a damp cloth so it’ll look beautiful for years. We took this set to PyeongChang for the Winter Olympics and it came back the same way we sent it in.
  • Leather Phone Case – The possibilities are endless with this phone case! Add a fun heart, change up the font, swap out the colors, make it personal and she’s sure to love it!

Crazy Rich Asians

  • The Handbag – The current it bag that’s sure to make her eyes light up! What I love about this bag is its size for the price. It’s small enough for events and dressy social gatherings but roomy enough for every day.
  • The Heel – Every woman needs a pair of red-bottom shoes. This item on my gift guide for her will turn heads, so be prepared! These are also pretty comfortable and will give her at least a few hours before the aches that come with every pair of heels start to settle in.
  • The Headphones – Noise-cancelling headphones changed my life and I want them to change her’s too! Wires are so 2014 and these will ensure she can be on the move but still rock out to her favorite song or learn with her favorite podcast.
  • The Belt – Make a statement with this belt while accentuating the waist. I love how this belt is on the smaller side so it’s not too gaudy or showy. Buy a slightly bigger size so she can wear with dresses, jeans, over coats and more.
  • The Mirror – A stunning piece of furniture that’ll make sure she looks stunning before heading out the door. Whether you get the smaller size for her vanity, medium for above the dresser or the floor length one, she’s sure to dazzle over this exquisite piece.

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