Dyson Air Wrap Comparison

Blogger Hoang-Kim with the new Dyson Air Wrap with barrels that go in both directions.

I have never loved a hair tool as much as I love the Dyson Air Wrap. Don’t get me wrong, it’s 100 percent a luxury hair tool and no one needs it in the sense we all need food to survive. But, it’s truly a game-changer and I credit my hair health to it. There is no other tool like the Dyson Air Wrap on the market where you can go from wet hair to styled curled hair. It uses superior technology and no extreme heat to give you the perfect style. Plus, since November 2021, it’s been almost impossible to get ahold of. Well, turns out Dyson has been making a new version! Since I have both the original and the new version, I’m sharing a Dyson Air Wrap comparison.

Dyson Air Wrap Barrel Comparison


Both versions look almost identical, but there is one subtle difference packing a huge punch: the barrel. You can see how the new one has vertical grooves whereas the original has a slight diagonal lean. Both barrels lock into the base of the Air Wrap using the same method. As far as weight goes with this Dyson Air Wrap comparison, the new version is slightly lighter at 1.35lb whereas the original is 1.45lb. The cable on the new air wrap is also slightly longer.


The new Dyson Air Wrap is $599.99 whereas the original version costs $549.99. That’s a price increase of $50. If you do not already own an Air Wrap, it’s 100 percent worth it to spend the extra money to get the new one. If you have an Air Wrap, I recommend buying just the new barrels.


I mainly use my Dyson Air Wrap to go from wet to curled styled hair. This Dyson Air Wrap comparison will mainly be on the difference I notice when using the curling barrels. When using the new version, I noticed it doesn’t grab the hair quite as strongly as the original Air Wrap. I think this has to do with how the barrel can interchange between both directions so perhaps the air blowing out is a little less strong. Maybe it’s the mechanics of the Air Wrap.

To fix this, I find myself just nudging the ends of my hair toward the Air Wrap and then it wraps no problem! I don’t think of it as a nuisance at all. Switching directions is so easy. There is a switch you turn on the top of the barrel to go in either direction. It’s super easy to do and I love it! Now, traveling domestically will be so much easier since I don’t have to pack both barrels.

Blogger Hoang-Kim gives an in-depth Dyson Air Wrap comparison.

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