Caraway Cookware Review – Our Most Reached For Cookware

Blogger Hoang-Kim shares her Caraway Cookware review

It’s been more than two years since we first started using Caraway Cookware. It all started with our first gifted set and they exceeded our expectations, becoming an essential in our kitchen. Since then, Caraway launched their highly-requested gold handle set and most recently, mini-duo set! We’ve been in love since the very first use and couldn’t recommend Caraway more. Let’s do a bit of a Caraway cookware review and deep dive into why I love this set. Plus, they are currently having their once-in-a-year savings event where you can get up to 20% off. It’s the perfect time to treat yourself or gift the gift of great cookware this holiday season!

Caraway Cookware Iconics Set

If you were to splurge on a gift this holiday season, this Iconics Set should be on the list! If you get one of the Iconics set, which has the gold handles, you’ll save 20% bringing the price down to $476. We have the black because we love the contrast in our kitchen. Plus, it’s a little easier to keep clean. The other colorways are white, navy and a pretty pink!

Caraway has a non-toxic, nonstick coating, which makes cooking a breeze. From making eggs in the morning to searing steak at night, food slips right off and cooks beautifully every time. I’ve never had a single issue with anything concerning the inside of the cookware, which is really all I care about. There isn’t a dangerous coating melting into the food.

The handles are metal, so they do get hot. We don’t mind this at all since we like to cook with our oven, too! We’ll start steaks in the oven and then finish by searing on the cooktop. Or I’ll use the dutch oven to bake bread at home. We tend to always keep mitts and towels nearby when cooking anyway so it’s easy to grab to protect our hands from the handles.

Since we have a gas burner, it is normal for the bottom of the pans to get small scratches if you’re a little rough on the cookware. We haven’t seen this with our Iconics set yet and we’ve had it since summer. However, if they do show, it’s always on the bottom so you can’t see it from the side. Plus, I’m less concerned with scratches on the exterior bottom and want to make sure where the food goes is safe.

Another question I tend to get asked a lot when it comes to a Caraway Cookware review is if it’s heavy. I would say it’s midweight. It’s not going to be featherweight, which I personally wouldn’t ever want for cookware because it means the quality is questionable. However, it isn’t anywhere near as heavy as cast iron so I’m not struggling to hold it up with food inside, either. The cookware feels substantial and like it will last.

If you buy any Caraway set, it comes with the organizer, which you can tuck away into a cabinet or leave out on the counter. While we reach for the skillet and sauce pot the most, we truly use all four pieces of the set regularly.

If there’s one thing you buy from this Caraway Cookware review, make it the whole set.

caraway cookware mini duos set

Mini Duos Set

You know that time when you want to poach just one egg? Or maybe just heat up a small single serving of soup for yourself? That’s where the Mini Duos Set shines. It’s a small, but mighty set made of the mini sauce pan and mini fry pan. I love using this in the morning for breakfast or when I’m making lunch for just me. They come in all the colors the Caraway Set does, so everything can match seamlessly in your kitchen. Plus, the quality is exactly the same! There isn’t a lid included for the mini fry pan, but the lid for the normal size sauce pan fits!

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