Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

blogger hoang-kim cung's husband jonathan van shares the best christmas gift ideas for men

I’m writing the 7th edition of my guide filled with Christmas gift ideas for men as I hit some major life milestones: getting married, turning 30, and planning to welcome our beloved child to the family. I’ll never forget 2022. This guide is another year older and another year more refined. With some inventories piled up this season, there should be a lot of deals you should keep your eye on this week up to Christmas.

I picked these Christmas gift ideas to give the men in your life a sprinkle of joy, a dash of convenience, and a definitive answer for the next time their co-worker asks them about the best gift they ever received.

These Christmas gift ideas for men are organized in order of the level of relationships to the guy in your life.

  1. From gifts for guys in your life like your boss, neighbors, and acquaintances who you deem worthy of gifts in general ($),
  2. to your close cousins and close friends ($$),
  3. to brothers, dads, husbands, fiances, boyfriends and husbands. ($$$-$$$$).
  4. A little bit both – these gifts are definitely for him, but you and the household come out winning in the end too ($$$-$$$$)!

How Things Made This Guide of Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

  1. Is this something he’d use every day? Men are usually functional creatures. My favorite things in life are items I use every day making my life materially better.
  2. Is this something that will last? Guys buy certain things a lot and some things never. For example, I buy a lot of books all the time but I never buy clothes. I want to make sure whatever you get him will be something he doesn’t have to buy again unless it’s lost.
  3. Will this make your life better over the next year? This is where books, movies, and other “tools” will not only benefit him but benefit you too. Win-win!
  4. Will his face light up? This is the most subjective question. It’s really for you to answer for the man in your life. What do they love? What are their hobbies?

Stocking stuffer Christmas gift ideas for men ($1-50)

10 ft Lighting Cable – This may not light up their face, but it will light up their phones and everyday devices! A true sign of good decision making when I see a couple in homes. Hoang-Kim and I have one reaching out to each of our nightstands, near our dining table, and our offices. 10 ft. means you can move without fear of your phone being pulled out of your hands by the cord. These threaded cables durably last, unlike the default cables.

2.5x faster charge Power Strip or Power Cube – With the average home having 30+ smart devices, you need power everywhere you can get it. Getting some surge protection and boosted electrical outlet gives everyone more security and convenience. It’s inevitable you’ll need 2+ plugs in an outlet. Expand the possibilities and bring everyone together.

Magsafe Charger – Ever since having a Macbook Air with MagSafe charging, I’ve reminisced about having all my frequently used electronics be Magsafe. After countless fights with my Lightning cable, the MagSafe charger is stupidly convenient. One of those moments you can never go back from. The tradeoff is the charging speed.

Compression Long Sleeves Heat Gear and Cold Gear – This brings me back to my high school wrestling days. Having started Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, I’m reminded how much I loved having compression gear and how great it feels to have fabrics that are super absorbent, breathable, and performant. It feels like every brand makes its own version, but Under Armour has always been the best to me. These are excellent all-weather base layer must-haves if the guy is athletic and works out regularly.

+10 for style points

Monopoly Deal – Break out a quick game of Monopoly that doesn’t last longer than 45 minutes of fast-paced, wheeling and dealing. I’ve wanted to play monopoly with friends on game night for about a decade and we collectively can’t bring ourselves to commit to the hours of endless play. NO LONGER. Monopoly Deal is here! This is one of the Christmas gift ideas for men you can immediately use after he unwraps it.

…But this time in 30 minutes

PooPourri – I’m not saying that the bathroom smells after he goes #2, but this gift is really a gift for the entire household. Just a hilarious and great stocking stuffer for everyone. 

Where Should We Begin Game – I’ve been an avid listener to Esther Perel’s two podcasts: Where Should We Begin and How’s Work. She’s a world-renowned relationship therapist. She launched the game to open back up the conversations we’ve been missing for the last year or more. Having played this game at a dinner party we hosted, I can say you will definitely laugh, cry, and learn so many new things about yourself and grow closer with everyone you play with. 

Moleskin Journals – I don’t think and then write. I write to think. For the contemplative and observant types in your life. It’s one of the best Christmas gift ideas for men – especially for the Type-A’s. Tell them the greatest men listened and took notes when important people spoke. I’m not much of a writer, but one of the best tips I’ve gotten was to take notes when you’re speaking with important people. They take it as a sign of respect and active listening. No one feels respected even if you’re typing notes on your phone or computer. I personally use the square for notes, architecture diagrams, and brainstorming. Don’t cheap out on a daily-use journal. He’ll appreciate the binding and paper quality. It makes a significant difference. 

500 GB Solid State Drive – Depending on how rich his digital life is, he’ll appreciate having so much space in such a compact package. If he does any photography or videography, the size of content these days is enormous with RAW and 4K options on smartphones. It’s good digital hygiene to back up your content regularly. Really this is a note to myself.

Privacy Screen for iPhone and Laptop – Speaking of digital hygiene, you know that awkward feeling you get watching a movie on a plane knowing everyone can watch with you? Or when you login to your bank account on your phone somewhere random and public? If he does any work outside of the house, gift him a sense of privacy. Anyone not directly in line-of-sight will have visuals obscured. The laptop privacy screen is magnetic and extremely portable.

Elevated SocksFor a long time, it felt lame to put socks on Men’s gift guides, but we’re swung the pendulum too far. Not enough men are getting socks! With the comeback, this is really one of the classic Christmas gift ideas for men that showcases his elevated personality.

($ – less than $100 Christmas gift ideas for men)

The #1 Gift – A framed photo of a cherished moment. “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away” – Maya Angelou. One framed photo capturing that moment is priceless. If you have it, frame it and hang it somewhere prominent. Honor and celebrate it. He’ll love it. 

PhotobookI was listening to a podcast recently and learned about the concept of “flooding” where you go into your photo album on your phone if you’re ever feeling down. If you scroll, you’ll be reminded of the dinners you’ve had, the friends you’ve laughed with, and other small everyday joys. Bring flooding to life with a photobook for him! There’s even space for a fun time writing notes or captions together to add to living memories.

Highs and lows…highs and lows…

Travel Sized 30 oz TumblerImmediately one of the best Christmas gift ideas for men. I now have a whole series of these tumblers that we use everyday. Whether it’s keeping my cold brew at the perfect temperature, on my nightstand…not leaving a water ring, or in my car…this tumbler never fails. Warning: make sure to hand wash only. I’ve been on the wrong end of the dishwasher before.

The Monster 40 oz Tumbler – You won’t stop hearing about this Stanley Quencher for a while. It is the hybrid worker’s status symbol. Everyone seems to want one, so I can’t leave it off the list in case you’ve heard a guy in your life mention it. Personally, I don’t like to drink out of straws and it’s a bit too tall to fit in my car cupholder comfortably (aka my elbow kind hits it, but that may be more my car than the cup…). On the other hand, it’s the biggest tumbler you’ll find and only need to refill it once during the day for your recommended 80 oz of water for the day.

Double-Walled Cold Brew/Tea Bottle – The theme of the season is good hydration! SOMA products are absolutely beautiful. This is a bottle he can be proud of. The double wall helps insulate his drinks. You’ll also notice the use of natural materials like metal and glass instead of plastic. One cautionary note from reviews is it can shatter. I wouldn’t recommend for daily transit, but if he’s working at home, it’s a beautiful bottle to keep on his desk.

Silk Sleep Mask – You spend 30 percent of your life sleeping. Might as well do it right! A great sleep mask always comes up in response to, “what have you bought that cost less than $100 and changed your life?” Personally, I’m not a sleep mask person (…yet), but if he’s having any trouble, I’d suggest trying it and trying it with the most comfortable material possible. A rare recommendation among Christmas gift ideas for men.

Packable Vest – Since the weather turned in Dallas recently, I’ve been getting a lot of mileage out of this vest. It’s on sale and remarkably affordable at some under $30. It’s extremely well-fitting for me and has just the right amount of warmth. He can dress it up or dress it down. It’s a fantastically light, packable layer to add to his closet.

Tommy John Boxer Briefs –  I know…underwear…really? Yes, really. Like socks, underwear has been off these lists for too long. No more! As a guy who has at times severely underinvested in underwear, take it from me that you want to spend a little extra on a few pairs of underwear. As the most intimate part of his everyday dress, these are a no-brainer on my list of Christmas gift ideas for men. Invest in keeping your man’s parts comfortable and dry. I also love that boxer briefs are comfortable and breathable enough to get a good workout in too. Get him a pair (like 2 pairs hah)

Life-Changing Water Flosser – Honestly, I’ve spent my entire life only flossing periodically…until now! Now that I jumped over that chasm, I’d say it’s the most no-brainer buy of the year. I use it twice a day and I know my dentist is very thankful (or mad that he can’t do more work!).

A Pair of Nike Slides – HK fought me on this one. She’s very anti-slides. As a guy who’s back to working out regularly, I can say there’s definitely something glorious about putting on a great pair of slides post-workout. Maybe there’s a special German or Japanese word for that feeling?

Portable Bluetooth SpeakerBluetooth speakers make it to every gift guide for a reason. We’ve almost become bluetooth speaker collectors at this point using a combo of the more expensive JBL Bluetooth speaker. This one is a bit smaller, more rugged, and easier to travel with. Sometimes you’re traveling and just want to listen to a podcast or create a mood. This is your answer. Who doesn’t love the DJ?

Doorway Pullup Bar – Nothing builds confidence and sustains fitness like being able to do pull-ups. Like squats, it’s one of the few exercises that test functional strength. I ascribe to the 5×5 rule. I’ll do 5 pull-ups 5 times a day while I’m in the home office. It’s a saving grace since my spine gets some traction and I get some activity during the day despite long hours at a desk.

39 pc Starter Toolkit – This gift ranks VERY VERY high in the “will this make your life better this year” category and the “is this something that will last” category. One of the best gifts I’ve ever received was a tool kit from my Dad. I use it almost weekly and bring it to friends who need a helping hand. This covers all the basics for any small project, earning its spot on this list of Christmas gift ideas for men.

Chef’s Knife – I’ve always found prepping and cooking to be therapeutic. This is only true when you have the right tools or it can be a nightmare. This chef knife changed the game. The sharpest blade I’ve ever owned and continues to be so even with daily use. I love that this chef’s knife is made from Japanese steel with cryogenic tempering. The high-carbon inner layer adds strength and weight, while the two outer stainless steel layers keep it durable and sharp. If he’s cooking regularly, this will change his life and I recommend investing in the trio.

Legos – If he’s a Lego or Marvel fan, there’s an entire series of absolutely epic builds available. Build it together and display it somewhere. You’ll have stories to tell every time someone sees it!

Tech DaypackAfter an honorable, multi-year journey with my Herschel Retreat Backpack, I’ve retired it to an occasional travel backpack. I’ve replaced it with Herschel’s Tech Daypack. After a decade of remote work, I’ve dialed in my precise needs and this Tech Daypack is full of little things that make it an improved daily driver including better pockets for organization, luggage trolley sleeve, and pocket for my water bottle. If he’s looking for an upgrade, but a messenger bag isn’t really his thing, this is a great gift idea for men.


The Alchemist – You always remember your first. The first book I ever read front to back in one sitting. It was the book that Hoang-Kim recommended to me in college that completely flipped the switch for me. I hope it can open up the door in his mind too. Transformative reading makes it one of the best Christmas gift ideas for men.

Reboot – The second book I re-read every few years along with The Alchemist. I feel so seen reading it. What I love most is that it’s interactive. There are 9 interactive chapters that ask critical questions that force introspection. If he reads this and is honest with himself, I promise he’ll learn something new and profound by the time he’s done.

Psychology of Money – People love great stories and Morgan Housel is a tour de force on finance sharing 19 stories that make you reframe most of your money life. You can join the 1M+ people who have now read these powerful short stories. Because this book is at the intersection of psychology and money, it should hook him immediately and I believe this will go down for the next decade as the best gift for men.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich – Ramit Sethi continues to build on his tried and true methodology of conscious spending, financial automation, and low fee index funds. It’s a system HK and I subscribe to. This $12 is all you need in financial education to get started on the right track. If you would like to listen to real life couples talking about their situations, he has great podcast with the same name. I personally listen to every single episode. It features people who are both in debt and in trouble and people who are incredibly wealthy and in a different kind of trouble. Ramit does his best to tie money and psychology together to drive new financial behaviors. There’s always something to learn.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich: The Journal – UPDATE: As I was listening to the IWTYTBR podcast, Ramit mentioned launching an interactive journal in September 2022. I totally missed it, but bought it about a week a go and spent some of the weekend doing the exercises. I’m a sucker for interactive books like this one and Reboot. They force you to write down your thoughts so you can share and discuss them and then take action. For anyone who’s seems to “get it,” but is a little stuck, this journal will help him build momentum in his financial life.

The Great Depression – A DiaryThis isn’t the most uplifting gift, but if he’s a historian in any way like myself, he’ll love this. This is one of the few books written that covers The Great Depression in real time. No hindsight bias. You get the point-of-view of bankruptcy attorney Benjamin Roth during his time in Youngstown, Ohio as the financial institutions and economy across the country cratered and eventually recovered. Brimming with insights on human behavior during an economic crisis…not unlike the one we’re talking about today. 

Make Your Bed – I witnessed this book come together during the commencement speech at graduation in 2014 at the University of Texas at Austin. In 20+ years, it took a Navy Seal and Admiral a few sentences to change my behavior. “Make your bed, because that way you can start your day with a task well done. Worse case, if you have a bad day, you can come lay down in a well-made bed.” Admiral McRaven shares powerful lessons in a tiny package.

Admiral McRaven’s Graduation Speech in 2010 at the University of Texas at Austin

Upside of Stress – Your perception is reality. “People who reported high levels of stress but who did not view their stress as harmful were not more likely to die. In fact, they had the lowest risk of death of anyone in the study, even lower than those who reported experiencing very little stress.”

Bucket List – 1000 Adventures – Wanderlust. This book has it all. I’m adding to my travel list as we speak. For the aspiring traveler, this will surely get the destination ideas flowing.

Nike – Better is Temporary. If he’s a Sneakerhead or fan of greatness, design, or attention to detail, he’ll appreciate this epic table book. The striking cover features overlapping silkscreened layers of Nike’s proprietary Volt yellow and Hyperpunch pink colors overlaying an image of world-champion marathoner Eliud Kipchoge printed in a halftone dot pattern. The book’s spine, visible through the clear jacket, showcases a series of colored tabs that extend from its interior pages and which are referenced in the book’s bonus chapter, “Crafting Color.”

Golf Courses – Fairways of the World – You all know I don’t golf, but I know that similar to skiing, if I did golf, I’d have access to some of the most beautifully manicured places on God’s green earth. If he’s a golfer, this really reads like a very detailed bucket list of courses to play. 

Pebble Beach: The tee shot to the par-3 seventh hole

($$ – less than $200 Christmas gift ideas for men)

High Definition Curved Monitor – After a year of working with my curved monitor, I can say that it’s helpful in adding more surface area in a slightly smaller package. I’ve found it a little more immersive, but really I spend most of my time emailing. If he’s doing any gaming or watching content, I’d wholeheartedly recommend curved monitors. 

Trendy On Cloud Sneakers – You see them everywhere now. I know he wants a pair, if anything to say he has them. It’s so culturally relevant right now. I do want to warn that it’s definitely more trendy than timeless like Nike, but my friends tell me they’re great and have been absolutely giddy opening up the pair’s they’ve been gifted. It’s cool to be cool.

Nike React Phantoms – These aren’t the coolest or most on-trend sneakers, but they are extremely lightweight and comfortable. The slick design makes it an everyday cruiser shoe that can be dressed up or down from a quick run to the office depending on how casual his workplace might be. 

SmartSleep Lamp – We’re sleep junkies in this household and this lamp will complete our setup. Some people talk about waking up and having no problem getting up immediately. I’ve felt that after naps, but not as often after sleeping overnight. Lighting and timing for when you’re woken up can play a big role in that rested feeling. The lamp’s sensors and capabilities will level up his sleep cycle. 

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug – If he’s a hot coffee or hot drink person, this will level him up drastically. I drink cold brews almost exclusively, but when I make myself a cappuccino or some other lovely drink, I want it to stay at the perfect temperature. By the time I make it to the last ¼ of my drink, it’s cold and sad. This is especially true for slower drinkers. Hot drinks should be hot. It’s a bit of a stretch, but it’s really one of a kind. Pay for the best or only for your loved ones I always say.

Long Sleeve Essentials – There’s a new kind of office wear that demands the flexibility of going from the home office zoom call, to the office, to a cocktail party. This new black long-sleeve is a must-have addition to his wardrobe. Extremely comfortable and lightweight, it’s hard to imagine a better “all-purpose” workwear shirt. My general feeling is this is the ABC Pants of workwear. Athletic feel, but professional trim that allows him flexibility in every setting. 

Slim Fit Dress Pant Essentials – Similar to the black long sleeve, as he ventures out into the world, he’s going to want some pants that are nicer than jeans, but not necessarily dress pants. These slim-fit pants from AG are especially good if he’s got an athletic build. 

Lululemon pants that could pass for work pants – As a long-time ABC pants customer, I know some of their pants can almost pass for dark chinos, which is a beautiful thing. These pants have fewer seams and give him a pseudo-professional look depending on his workplace and obviously, he can jump straight into the gym by just switching his shirt and shoes. Isn’t life wonderful with little miracles like this!

Legendary Air Fryer – Last year my go-to in the kitchen was the instant pot. We use it every 1-2 weeks for our homemade spaghetti and it’s glorious, but the real star of the kitchen is our air fryer. Whether it’s a quick toast, cooking up some chicken nuggets, or re-frying takeout tempura, the air fryer rules supreme. Despite getting a few new gadgets this year, my Dad’s housewarming present is the gift that keeps on giving. If you don’t have one, get one. I swear by this thing and am on a mission to get one in every kitchen!

Material Kitchen Knife Set – This adds two new characters to accentuate the chef’s knife in the $ section. The trio set includes a 6” serrated knife and 4” paring knife for very controlled slicing and dicing. Made with the same Japanese high-carbon steel, the full-tang design makes for an amazing balance that creates a very comfortable slicing and chopping experience.

Whole Home Wifi– I run an internet service provider day-to-day and I can’t tell you how much this system has made our customers’ lives easier. I’m one of those people. This Google Nest mesh wifi was a super quick install and blanketed every corner of our house with wifi and then some. It’s a must have if you have a home bigger than 2000 sq ft. This is one of the best Christmas gift ideas men because it can literally turn your house into a high speed oasis! If you’d like, it comes with built in speakers and Google Assistant, so all your pods can help connect the rest of your home together with voice commands.

Airpod Pros – Hoang-Kim gifted me a pair of these like the wonderful miracle that she is and I haven’t been without them since. Another Christmas season and this still holds true. They are life changing. What’s unique to me is they are noise cancelling, but really smart in allowing certain ambient frequencies in so when a car passes by or someone is urgently talking to you, it comes through much more clearly at seemingly the right times than traditional noise cancelling headphones. Most importantly, they will survive a wash cycle or two. When technology is nothing short of magic like these, I crown it one of the best Christmas gift ideas for men.

Car Detailing – The relationship between a man and his car is just below the one he’d have with a pet. If he’s like most guys, he wants it detailed, but also doesn’t have the will to do it himself, so it never gets done. A great car detail can be $50-300 and make a world of a difference. There are a number of car washes or individual detailers who can come out to do the service.  One of the few Christmas gift ideas for men that’s a simple, but unforgettable service.


Wall Street Journal – One of the only publications I subscribe to. It helps me quickly get a 10-minute view of the world as I scan headlines and dig into any news stories. I always feel like it gives me a good sense of what everyone else is reading topically. WSJ is generally a good BS filter and a publication I still hold in high regard. Their crossword puzzles also aren’t to be trifled with! Make sure to take advantage of any new subscriber specials!

AudibleAfter polling several friends throughout the year, I’ve gotten over the fact that while I don’t like audiobooks, many many more people “read” books now that Audible is easy and accessible. The subscription comes with a large library and book credits that can be used for best sellers and the extended selection. Perfect for anyone with a commute.

Youtube PremiumIt took me a while to finally cave, but being able to close out of the Youtube app while on my phone made this a no-brainer. There’s so much content from music playlists, podcasts, and presentations on Youtube that having easy, universal access makes it easily worth the $11.99/month.

YoutubeTVWhile the streaming wars are still raging, the fight for the cable bundle mixed with the best user experience has been won by YoutubeTV. If you’re looking to cut the cord, this is your home’s best bet. 

VPN UnlimitedAnother privacy and security product for any of the guys doing hybrid work. Just as he’d want to protect his physical display, he’d also need to protect the data pipes he’s using. I personally use VPN Unlimited and have been happy with the performance and ease of use. One caveat is that depending on the public wifi, it can be a bit finicky, so it may require some patience at times. 

($$$ – Christmas Gift ideas for men that’re less than $999…with two exceptions)

Working man’s messenger bag – Ladies…look at that man go. I have a Ted Baker messenger bag I invested in during my first internship in NYC. I’ve never received more compliments consistently over the years. If he takes care of this bag, it’ll take care of him for a lifetime.

Watches – I’m still not fully a watch guy, but I’ve had my eye on a few and talked to several friends who are keeping my recommendations on the straight and narrow. Here are a few options that are sure to dazzle in several price ranges and can hold their value and then some.

The Citizen’s Eco-Drive looks serious and means business. Powered by any light, the movement never needs a new battery. A great accessory to begin the journey.

The first watch HK ever gifted me was a Tissot, so it will always have a place in my heart. The Gentleman watch for a gentleman in your life.

The next two are for certified watch collectors. In some ways, it’s a catch-22. If this person loves watches, he may have these two already because they’re such classics. They are the foundation of any collection that’s actually worn outside the home. The Cartier Tank is a timeless piece that’s universally recognized by others that will give a peek and a respectful nod. You immediately will be deemed a man of good taste.

The Rolex Submariner is highly recommended by my friend who runs in these circles. Sophisticated enough to pass elite muster, but not deep cut enough to be asked about the 10 other watches you have your eye on (that you really don’t even care to know about). If you’re a beast and end up gifting one of these, please DM me. I’d love to know about his experience receiving it.

Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones: Indispensable. My travel and office life have never been the same since. If he works in an open office floor plan and can wear these, get them for him ASAP. Als, if he travels a lot, get them for him ASAP. They are a staple for weekly or bi-weekly travelers. Pair with Dolby Atmos on Apple Music (you get a 6 mo. free subscription) and he will be L-I-V-I-N.

Herman Miller Sayl Chair – I always say your most expensive tool is your cheapest tool. It doesn’t get the job done and worse, it can hurt you over the long term. Gifting the Sayl chair means buying comfort that lasts 8+ hrs a day. Hoang-Kim and I have sat in ours for an embarrassing number of ours and have no back issues. It’s truly incredible how comfortable, reliable, and supportive this chair is. It’s one of the most iconic office chairs for a reason.

Surround Sound Bar – The sound is better than what I get in IMAX theatres in my opinion. Now if only my screen size could match. If you have a media room and are serious about your in-home cinema experience, this is the fastest way to get surround sounds without the entire home-theater install. This is really for the audiophiles. If he has streaming subscriptions or movies with spatial audio, he’ll never go back. Everything sounds flat after experiencing the Bose difference. Invest in the best or the only.

An alternative if y’all love a “feel it in your bones” bass and still keep the system under $1k, consider a combination of the lower end Bose Soundbar and add a Bose subwoofer


Portable Jump Starter with Air Compressor – Every year I want to kick this off the list, but this gift continues to deliver. This year it was my mom’s car that needed a jump. Keep it charged up and never have an issue with low tire pressure or a dead battery…the two highest likelihood reasons you need to make “the call.” Especially good for road trips since it can help fill up balls and bicycle tires too. My favorite feature is that the compressor hose can screw onto your tire nozzle securely before turning on the compressor. This is one of those Christmas gift ideas for men that isn’t just a luxury, it’s a need.

Leather Recliner You Won’t Hate – It’s between this and the Lay-Z-Boy. If he’s been asking for a recliner, and you’re obliged to get him one that isn’t an atrocity for your living room (or any space for that matter), this is it. It’s a bestseller every month. The version we have doesn’t have a place for your head if you’re taller 5’11, but this version does. That sink-in feeling and support is so worth it. Note: you will need to plug this into an outlet or this battery pack.

TraegerIs there anything this thing can’t do! If you haven’t been welcomed to the Traegerhood, let me be the first to do so. This bad boy grills, smokes, bakes, roasts, and everything in between. We’ve tested turkey legs, steaks, pork ribs, shrimp, and more. We’re well on our way to making a full smoked turkey for Thanksgiving. He will be cooking up a storm if he isn’t already with this – definitely one of the best gifts for men. It’s the YETI of grills. Hat tip to all the other owners out there. If you want to read our full review, you can read it here. There’s a WiFi enabled version that’s worth looking at if you want the convenience of connecting it to your phone or turning off the grill upon reaching a desired temperature. True dummy proofing!

Garage / Media Room Refrigerator – Someone once told me that the happiest people in the world are the kind of people who have a second refrigerator in the garage. It means you have enough to have it and fill it with drinks and have enough friends to come over and enjoy it together. Getting one has been on my list since we closed on the house. This is one of the few beauties that’s even available that you’d be proud of when you’re spending a day with the garage door open.

Vacuum that makes you feel like a certified Ghostbuster – I have a weird relationship with vacuuming. Namely, I love it. Something about vacuuming is uniquely soothing to me. Maybe it’s that there’s an instant result. Maybe it’s the sound. I’m not sure what it is, but like all the things I love in my life, I invest in the best tools. This vacuum is tiny, powerful, and doubles in making me feel amazing because of the shape and user experience. It’s one of a kind. We recently got this for a friend as a wedding present and his wife said she hasn’t seen him light up like that since the wedding hah! The Outsize+ is top-of-the-line. The V15 Detect is more reasonably priced with many of the same features, but half the runtime.

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