Beach Bound :: Floral Romper

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Made by MINKPINK Floral Romper, Rebecca Minkoff satchel
Sam Edelman sandals, Karen Walker sunglasses

Hello My Beautiful Friends!
Lately, I’ve been in an eternal state of beach bound. I’ve heard the beach is even better in the Fall, so I can’t wait to experience that! For now, I’m continuing to live in off-the-shoulder items and this floral romper from Made by MINKPINK is the perfect beach outfit. It features an elastic neckline and waistline, which is great for easy on and off at the beach, making it the perfect cover up for strapless bikinis or one piece swimsuits. What I love about wearing an airy romper or dress as a cover up is the ability to actually leave the beach area and still look appropriate. There’s nothing like having to swing by the grocery store on your way home and going into the frozen section in just a sarong! Yikes! The ruffle has a cute trim and the shorts are so relaxed. This floral romper is made of rayon, so it’s lightweight and breathable for hot and humid beach weather. Made by MINKPINK is a collaboration effort with Target and I love what they have to offer. There’s a variety of colorful clothing and swimsuits. I snatched up this palm print bikini, but the print also comes in a super cute one-piece.

Every time I go to the beach, I’m usually tucked away in the North End portion of the Oceanfront, which is quieter and has less people than the resort area. The North End also has quaint streets full of gorgeous beach houses, including this one. I instantly fell in love with the black shutters against the white exterior. While on the hunt for beach parking, I love spotting new details on the houses and looking at their gorgeous landscaping. If you find yourself in Virginia Beach, get on Pacific and drive North past 40th Street. Then start looking to the right for parking spots in front of the houses or right up by the beach entrances.
You’ll thank me later šŸ˜‰