Hello Everyone! How I look and how my hair is styled is, unfortunately, a huge part of what I do. I wish I could sit here and say regardless of how my hair looked when I’m on air, viewers only care about my storytelling skills and the information I’m giving them. But if something is out of place, it actually distracts viewers and they start to focus in on that one section that’s out of place and not on what I am saying. After years of competing in pageants, I honed the skill of doing my hair well and doing it quick. In this post, I’m sharing how to get soft curls.

I love soft big curls. They look effortless and feminine, which is what I go for on a daily basis. I love the T3 Whirl Trio, which is a wand with three interchangeable barrels. This curling iron is on Allure’s best of beauty list, so you know it’s top notch! I know curling with a wand can be tricky, so here’s how to get soft curls in about 20 minutes or less!

  1. Use a barrel at least 1″ thick – If you want soft curls, you need a bigger barrel. A 1.5″ barrel comes in the Whirl Trio, which is perfect. I will section my hair in half and start in the back and work my way to the front.
  2. Use one-inch sections – Start wrapping from the top of your hair down. If you can, keep your hair flat against the curling iron and do not let it twist. This way you get more of a curl than a wave.
  3. Switch it up – If I am wrapping sections from the bottom of my head, the iron is set lower so I wrap with the iron on top of the hair. When I am curling sections toward the top, I wrap the hair over the iron for some extra volume. (see above + below)
  4. Stay Safe – I am not using a heat-resistant glove, but I have years of experience. If you do not feel comfortable, use one! It is better to be safe than sorry. Plus, burns are not ever attractive on the skin.

Plush robe (so soft + on sale), T3 Curling Iron with Interchangeable barrels