Why We Love Our Extendable Dining Table (Yes, it Seats 12!)

It’s been nearly two years since we got our McGee & Co Antoni Dining Table and we love it more than the day we got it. Yes, the “new and shiny” feeling may have worn off, but when we sit down for dinner or have our loved ones over, we remember exactly why we love it so much. When searching for something for our dining room, we knew we wanted all of our friends and family to be able to gather around. That’s why this extendable dining table is perfect and it can seat 12 people!

Extendable dining table with silk garden roses, live fiddle leaf fig plant, egg chair and more in a new build home in DallasBlogger Hoang-Kim decorates her McGee & Co Antoni Dining table in her new build home

We had nothing in this space for about six months. I’m not exaggerating. It was a mix of saving and finding the perfect table for our dining room. We didn’t want to waste money buying a “placeholder” and would rather invest a little more and get a dining table that will be with us for years, maybe decades.

Originally, we wanted something marble and oval. Growing up, my parents had a beautiful oval wood dining table and I loved that. We actually wanted this one from Restoration Hardware, but the price was a hair more than we wanted to spend. We debated it for a few weeks and oddly enough, while we decided we were okay with waiting and saving up for it, the material became a problem. After living in the house for a few weeks, we quickly realized how much the marble and our waterfall island in our kitchen could clash.

That’s when we found the McGee & Co Antoni Extendable Dining Table. It is a beauty and truly looks like a work of art. We couldn’t be happier.

Solid Construction

Growing up, my Dad who studied architecture, stressed the importance of solid wood furniture. I’ve seen it play out in our home. Solid wood furniture lasts for decades and we plan for this McGee & Co extendable table to last. It’s made of solid oak with a hardwax oil finish. The color is a gorgeous neutral that will fit into any home. Our style is transitional, which is a mix of classic and modern taste. We love how the oak adds warmth without a rustic touch. The lines are sleek. It still looks modern, but breaks up all of the white in our home.

I want to note our home isn’t done – we are far from it. The dining room is still in progress while we await the perfect chairs to complement this dining table. Plus, we are working on completing the living room.

McGee & Co Antoni Dining Table that's extendable in a transitional home with vaulted ceilings Oak extendable dining table in the dining room of a transitional new build home in Dallas, Texas

Extends To Seat More

The reason we really love this expandable dining room table is it extends to 118 inches! That is huge! We want our home to be where our families can come together and make memories. However, that doesn’t mean our family is here all the time… and with it mainly just us two, or three if you count my Dad, we do not need a table seating 12 on a regular basis. Having enough seating for six every day is perfect. If friends spontaneously swing by we don’t have to pull out extra chairs.

This McGee & Co Extendable Dining Table is perfect because it is normally 79 inches, which comfortably seats six to eight. On a regular basis, we have three of these chairs on each side and put these upholstered chairs on the end. It looks like the price of the upholstered chairs we purchased have doubled! Here is another chair we absolutely love and would be a great look for less.

The extension sits underneath the table and isn’t super visible. When we have it fully extended, it can seat up to 12…maybe more! Depending on the chairs you pick, you could put five on each side and then have two head chairs. Another factor I really enjoy is how easy it is to extend. I can do it by myself without Johnny. The expanding table has little slider feet on the bottom, so it doesn’t scratch your floors, either. You can see where the extension sits at the end of the table once it’s fully up. I don’t mind the horizontal “seam” and once you have your table all set beautifully no one will even notice it.

Clean Lines

As I mentioned previously, we tend to lean toward a more modern approach for our home. While this table is made of solid oak, we love the modern touch. The clean lines, the way the legs hold up the hefty top, it’s truly a beauty. The legs are probably what sold us from the beginning. Plus, it really does stand out and is a versatile item. I like to think of it like a chameleon. In our home, it pulls out those modern touches. In another home, it might be a bit more traditional.

Two Year Update

Since it has been nearly two years since we purchased this extendable dining table, I wanted to give you an update on how it’s held up. We don’t give it any super special treatment other than making sure to wipe it down with a mild cleaner after each use. If we eat dinner at the table, we’ll wipe it down that night. We’ll use faux leather placemats every now and then, too. So far, I only notice one scratch and that’s only if I’m actually looking for it. Honestly, I don’t even remember what happened, but it must have been a heavy item. We are so happy with how our extendable dining room table is holding up. I know it’s an investment for sure, but we think it’s absolutely worth it.

Blogger Hoang-Kim decorating her new McGee & Co Antoni Extendable Dining table in her transitional home

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