Walk-In Closet Design

walk-in closet design rendering

After living in our home for nearly three years, we are so excited to share we are redoing our closet! Creating a walk-in closet design that’s functional, beautiful and will help us stay organized has been on our list for the past 18 months. When we first moved into our new-build home, we were on a tight budget. We knew one day we would eventually create walk-in closet design, but we also wanted to live in the space. See how we use it, what we really need and then go from there. We learned how dysfunctional the space was when we saw how much we dreaded putting back clean clothes. We are overall very neat and organized people who love to put things back… so when clothes started piling up in our new laundry room, we realized it’s because the system we had in our closet was failing us.

walk-in closet design rendering
walk-in closet design rendering

We got a variety of quotes from different custom closet makers and ended up choosing Inspired Closets DFW. Anastasia is our designer and she did an incredible job of making sure it has everything we want and would be functional. She spent about two days in our home, measuring the closet, counting our clothes and really figuring out how to create a beautiful space that would properly house all of our clothes. I think one aspect she stressed was designing for how you live and not an ideal you may see in a magazine or on Instagram.

When you first walk into our closet you’ll see the back wall with these three massive sections. I have space for hanging, but what I’m most excited about are the huge drawers underneath. We’ll be able to fit so many folded items and really have what we need visible and within reach.

Johnny and I will actually be switching sides. He’s going to have the left side of the closet while I take the right. We both will have more drawer space and a place to put our shoes so we can see what we have. One section I’m really excited about is when fall or winter rolls around, I have a place to fold and display all of my knitwear!

walk-in closet design rendering

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