The Three Best Joggers for Women

Nike Bliss Pants, petite blogger sharing the best joggers for women
[outfit_details]The Best Joggers for Women
Nike Floral Tank (wearing XS, also in gray), Black High-Waisted Joggers (XS), Nike Epic React Sneakers (current version)[/outfit_details]

Maybe it’s the former athlete in me, but I cannot resist a pair of good joggers.  It can be hard to find the right pair of joggers to fit and flatter you. Some can be too baggy, too long, too tight or even too short. In this post, I want to share the best joggers for women I’ve found. I’ll never forget how I stumbled upon both of these joggers. They were not filed under the jogger section, actually. However, I remember seeing the fit on the model and thinking, “These are it!” There are two pairs I’m featuring in this post. One is high waisted and has a more subtle look. The other sits lower on the waist and features the iconic Nike swoosh. I recommend both but if you’re only going to get one, I hope this helps you decide between the two.

Before I hop into my fit review on why these are the best joggers for women, I want to share where I wear these and how I style them. First off, of course, I wear them to the gym! These are made for working out and I love doing both my BBG workout and cardio in these joggers. Never do they feel constricting or like I don’t have the full range of motion I need. Plus, I love how they are both on the thinner side. Now, thin does not mean negative or cheap. They are extremely lightweight, very flattering on the legs and really are breathable. After all, I’m saying they are the best joggers for women! If you love dance class, these will be great. If you’re looking to up your athleisure style, these are it. Running errands? Yeah, wear these, too. Thanks to four-way stretch, you really cannot go wrong with any of these pairs!


Nike Bliss Lux Pants, petite blogger sharing the best joggers for women

This pair is hands down my absolute favorite pair of joggers in the world. Without a doubt, these are the best joggers for women. They are mid-rise and fit like a dream. I was lucky enough to snap up size XS short, which is no longer available. However, I’ve tried on the XS and it is very very comparable. I’m 5’3 for reference and both were very flattering. You may remember me raving out these all last year and with good reason! They were one of my top-selling items. The reason these are the best joggers for women is the tapered design. They are slightly loose up top, but still very flattering. Then the leg tapers as it goes down toward the calf, which really elongates you. I get so many compliments on these when I wear them. If you want, you can pull them up just a dash so more of your leg is exposed.

Since they are made for an active lifestyle, these joggers have dri-fit technology so you stay comfortable. Another huge plus for me are the hand pockets. They fit just the right amount of items, mainly the essentials, but lay flat against the joggers. They don’t jut out and look unflattering. These are made of 80 percent nylon and 20 percent spandex. I highly recommend washing on the delicate or activewear cycle and laying these flat to dry.

One reason I really love these joggers is you can barely see any logo or branding. The Nike swoosh is black and located on the right thigh. Very few people spot this and this makes it easier to wear with dressier pieces. I’ve worn these with a nice t-shirt tucked in, heels and no one knew they were athletic pants! Finally, the fabric breakdown is 80 percent nylon and 20 percent spandex.

Nike Bliss Training Pants, petite blogger sharing the best joggers for women

The next pair of joggers are $65 but I found them on sale for only $39 here! This pair is practically the same as the pair above except the swoosh is white. I’m wearing size XS in these and the fit is fabulous. These do sit a little higher up on my waist than the first pair but they barely covers my belly button. Another great example of of where you can wear these joggers is to yoga or barre class. You’ll have full range of motion and stay nice and cool. There is a slight difference in the fabric breakdown between this pair and the first pair. these are 84 perent polyester, as opposed to nylon, and 16 percent spandex. This is probably why the price point is lower than the first pair and the last pair.

Since the logo is quite visible on this pair, you’re best at sticking to athletic or sporty styling with these. I love them with a clean black sneaker but of course, you can spice it up with fun colors.


Nike Bliss Pants, petite blogger sharing the best joggers for women

The first pair of joggers I’m sharing are $90 and high-waisted. These versatile, incredibly lightweight and really moves with your body. I love the tapered silhouette, which is very flattering no matter what size or height you are. These are some of the reasons why this pair is one of the best joggers for women. Like the other pairs, they are looser up top but become slimmer toward the calf. This really elongates and slims you out. Since these are high-waisted, there is more room in the butt and thigh area. The waistband on these joggers is elastic so it’s very comfortable and secure. I’m wearing size XS and they fit great. I recommend buying your size and not sizing down. I’m 5’3 and these sit right above my belly button. These joggers are best if you want to wear sports bras or tank tops without exposing too much skin.

One reason I love these joggers so much is how the Nike swoosh is very subtle. Similar to the first pair but the swoosh placement on the middle of the waistband. Unless the light hits it just right, you can’t even notice it. I could definitely get away with wearing these with heels and a nice top and no one would know they are completely athletic joggers.

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