Exploring Rattlesnake Lake During Winter

Hoang-Kim explores Rattlesnake Lake during winter wearing a blue Patagonia parkaHoang-Kim explores Rattlesnake Lake during winter wearing a blue Patagonia parkaHoang-Kim wears Sorel Phoenix Lace-up boots to explore Rattlesnake Lake during winter Hoang-Kim explores Rattlesnake Lake during winter wearing a blue Patagonia parka
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Red Cashmere Sweater, Blue Parka (wearing XS, currently 25% off, comes in three other colors),
Nike Leggings, Sorel Lace-Up Boots c/o (on sale!), Cashmere Tights[/outfit_details]

Picturesque is the only way I can think of describing Rattlesnake Lake. Being able to see this exquisite spot was something I definitely wanted to check off my list when visiting the Pacific Northwest. I’ve been longing to see snow all winter and even though Johnny and I missed the snowstorm, there was still plenty left. When we finally arrived the view was breathtaking. Exploring Rattlesnake Lake is the perfect addition for a trip to Seattle. The temperatures were not bad at all. Only just above freezing, which without the wind, is quite nice. We arrived just before 3:00 p.m. and there were a few families exploring and of course, some photography sessions.

Contrary to the name, Rattlesnake Lake and Rattlesnake Ridge both do not have rattlesnakes. According to Northbend, Washington website, the names come from Arthur A. Denny, a Seattle pioneer. The rattle of seed pods on the nearby prairie frightened a road surveyor who thought he was being attacked by a rattlesnake. Little did the surveyor know there are no venomous snakes in Western Washington. So if you don’t like snakes, like me, don’t worry. You won’t see any! Just a sweeping display proudly put on by Mother Nature.

What to wear to explore Rattlesnake Lake during a winter snow storm

How To Get There

We actually met up with local photographers Sam & Sola Lee to do a shoot and they provided us with coordinates (47.4333467, -121.7690394) to get there. From Seattle, it was about a 40-minute drive. It was so beautiful watching how the weather changed and seeing the mountains slowly creep up on us! Rattlesnake Lake is very easy to get to. However, because of the recent snowstorm, the parking lot was closed. We noticed plenty of street parking, so this wasn’t a huge concern. Just be careful since street parking takes up one of the lanes. So it essentially turns the roads near the recreational area into a one-lane road. After parking, we had a 10-minute walk to get to the lake. If it’s winter and there’s snow, you’ll want to be careful. But if there isn’t any snow on the ground, you’ll be just fine.

I’ve seen photos on Instagram of the view of the lake from the top of a hike. This was something I really wanted to do, but the trail and actual park were also closed. Due to the snowstorm, they’re closed as a safety precaution. All the National Parks in the area were actually closed. If I go back to Seattle, I’m definitely adding the hike to my list of things I have to check off!

Since we couldn’t do any hiking, we had fun walking along the edge of the lake and taking in the stunning views. It’s been years since I’ve seen mountains like these. Just seeing Rattlesnake Lake was breathtaking enough. Johnny found a few rocks to skip along the lake, too. As the afternoon went on, the clouds parted so we could see the snowcapped mountains emerge. It was so stunning to see the snowy trees toward the top. If you’re up for it, you can pack a meal to enjoy while you’re here, too!

Hoang-Kim explores Rattlesnake Lake during winter wearing a blue Patagonia parka

What to Wear

If it’s winter in Seattle, you’re going to want to bundle up. I knew with the snow on the ground, exploring Rattlesnake Lake could get a little chilly. I really like to invest in 100 percent cashmere. When I found this red ribbed one, I knew I had to have it. It’s ethically made and the cashmere is incredible quality. It also comes in a bunch of other colors, too. Of course, I’m layering it over my favorite cashmere tank for extra warmth.

This blue parka is my favorite coat for when it gets really chilly. I got this coat five years ago and it still looks brand new. It’s 25 percent off right now, so if you’re looking for a warm coat, I highly recommend this one! Plus, the down insulation is from birds that were never force-fed or live-plucked. For a parka, this particular shape is quite flattering and doesn’t make you look puffy! I’ll whip this out when temperatures are around 30 or below. Last year when Johnny and I went to the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, this was the parka I brought along for those extra cold days! This parka is water resistant, so if it snows or rain, you’ll stay dry. Another aspect I love is the pockets. There is a chest pocket and the hand pockets are lined to keep your hands nice and warm.

The length of this parka is on the longer side. It’s meant to go below your knees to really give you that extra warmth. You can unzip it from the bottom if you need more room for movement. I definitely needed this when exploring Rattlesnake Lake with all the snow! I’m wearing size XS and it fits perfectly over lots of cozy sweaters and layers. Since this is a parka, I gave up on the idea of having it be perfectly fitted. Of course, this parka is still quite flattering and the color gets lots of compliments.

Finally, these lace-up boots have been my go-to this season. I could have brought snow boots but decided against it at the last minute. As previously mentioned in this review, I love how these have a zipper on the side. No need to actually re-lace these beauties! They keep my feet warm, dry and comfortable in any weather. I definitely recommend bringing proper footwear when exploring Rattlesnake Lake in the winter time.

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