Things to do in Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park

Bar Harbor, Maine definitely took my breath away. The day we got to explore the area, including Acadia National Park, it was cloudy and moody. While I would have loved full sun, the moody skies were dramatic and quite lovely. Since Bar Harbor was our second port stop on the Seabourn cruise, we only had a couple of hours to explore. However, we loved every moment. I’m so excited to share my list of things to do in Bar Harbor and Acadia National park, especially the spots you have to visit to get those swoon-worthy shots. In mid-September, the weather was in the mid-’50s to low ’70’s. However, with the wind, and especially if you go to Acadia National Park, packing warm layers is essential.

All photos in this blog post are taken by Ready Set Jet Set.


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Perched at 1,530 feet, Cadillac Mountain is the highest point on the North Atlantic Seaboard. While it’s not the highest up I’ve ever been, it sure does provide for some beautiful views. Fun fact I learned during our time there: earth’s tectonic and volcanic forces millions of years pushed Mount Cadillac, and 20 other mountains up. For our excursion this day we had a private car take us around the National Park. Our tour guide Mary was so knowledgable and took us to the perfect spots for photos. Even though we wanted to see some leaves changing color, the deep greens against the dark blue and gray skies were nice. If you come during the fall or winter, make sure to dress appropriately. In mid-September, I wore cashmere joggers and a lightweight chenille sweater.

There is also a gift shop nearby, where you can get magnets, postcards, stickers and more. I picked up a magnet since Johnny and I are planning on printing out polaroids of our travels to put on the fridge.


One of my favorite things to do in Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park! Mary, our tour guide, showed us this little cove spot. It’s full of gorgeous pink granite and is flat, so it’s not hard to get good photos or climb down if you wish. However, please be careful as it can be slippery! Listening to the waves crash against the rocks on the little shore and against the granite is so peaceful. I feel like I could have stayed here for hours and would keep discovering new things to look at. The coordinates for this spot are 44.3079508, -68.2005404. There should be ample street parking and you’ll need to walk inward to see this cove. It’s absolutely worth it!



One of many quaint and charming stores in the main part of town, CJ’s Big Dipper sells delicious cold sweet treats. After hearing everyone rave about how good the blueberries are, I succumbed to getting a blueberry soft serve! It was in fact, sublime and I would get it again if I could! They also have homemade cookie sandwiches, brownie sundaes and much more. If you can’t have dairy, they offer soy ice cream, too! While you’re there, check out all the other cute shops. There is a darling Christmas store (I can’t believe I’m saying this in October) and a local bookstore, where I got my copy of When Breath Becomes Air. This book was incredibly written and I couldn’t recommend it more.


A darling inn right before you get into the main part of town, this beautiful structure is any Instagrammer or blogger’s dream. You could definitely stay here for the night if you’d like or just pop into the front to take a photo. The front garden is so beautiful and makes me want to pick up gardening!

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