Sleek Machine Washable Workwear

[outfit_details]Machine Washable Workwear Outfit c/o of M.M. LaFleur:
Blue Cardigan/Jacket, Sleeveless Turtleneck Sweater, Scuba Pants
Black Pumps (use code HKCung60 to get $60 off), Kendra Scott Easton earrings, Prada Cuir Tote[/outfit_details]

Who hates taking clothes to the dry cleaner? Even though some of my favorite pieces are dry-clean only and I absolutely love wearing them, it’s still a pain. Not to mention expensive. I understand the delicate nature of most silks, satins and wools but I know working women just don’t have time for that. I have a dry cleaner in my building (we use a drop off system) and I still have a dress I’ve been meaning to drop off for weeks!

M.M. LaFluer is changing that with machine washable workwear! This is truly so exciting to me because I’m a bit of a rebel and already use the machine for a few dry-clean-only pieces (on the delicate or handwash cycle of course). I previously talked about this brand in my travel must-haves post and want to go into a little more detail here.

Say hello to my new obsession: the hybrid of a jacket and a cardigan. This jacket has the sleek lines and sharpness of a blazer or a jacket but is soft like a cardigan. In addition to the defined lapel, I love the waist-defining sash. You can style this jardigan closed with the sash tied in the front or open with the bow in the back. Or, you can nix it overall.

Everything I’m wearing is machine washable, which is amazing. I toss everything into the washer and use the delicate or hand-wash cycle. Once that’s done, I lay flat to dry. I do laundry at night since that’s when we have free energy and my morning everything is ready to wear! Machine washable workwear will change your life, especially if you’re attached to your clothing like me. I hate that feeling of having a big day coming up and realizing the item you want to wear needs to be dry-cleaned and it won’t be ready in time. Plus, all these pieces are wrinkle-resistant so you can pack them for work trips or leave items folded and don’t have to worry about wrinkles. When you’re rushing out the door, the last thing you want to worry about is grabbing an iron or a steamer. As with all knit pieces, it’s better to fold them rather than hang to give them a longer life.

Regarding sizing, M.M. LaFleur is true to size. I’m wearing size XS in all of these pieces and everything fits perfectly. It’s a testament to how when you use high-quality fabrics with exquisite tailoring, you get a stunning piece. They also have dresses with pockets and that always blows me away.

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