Red, White and Blue :: Fourth of July Style

COLOR & CHIC | Fourth of July styleCOLOR & CHIC | Fourth of July style COLOR & CHIC | Fourth of July style COLOR & CHIC | Fourth of July styleCOLOR & CHIC | Fourth of July styleCOLOR & CHIC | Fourth of July style
Fourth of July Style His and Hers
On Her: All-American Girl Tank, Distressed Shorts (similar), Sandals c/o, Ray-Ban Sunnies
On Him: Striped Pocket Tee, Anchor-Print Shorts, Ray-Ban Sunglasses

‘Merica baby! Happy Fourth of July y’all! If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw I spent my Fourth of July weekend in Washington D.C., which was a blast. I’ll do a full travel guide post soon, but until then I am sharing my favorite Fourth of July style. If this tank looks familiar, it’s because I blogged it two years ago. My friend Olivia accidentally left it it in my bag when we were roommates at Miss USA. I blogged it, but sadly had to return it to her. This year, it’s back and I now have one of my own. It is perfect for pairing with jeans or distressed shorts. I love this All-American Girl tank because it’s easy to style with jeans or shorts. Plus, you can also throw it over a swimsuit as a cover-up.

My entire family immigrated to the United States. My Dad was a soldier in the South Vietnamese Army and was in a concentration camp after the Fall of Saigon. Since then, Vietnam became a communist country. There isn’t freedom of speech or press. There isn’t democracy or human rights. My family came to America searching for opportunity. When they first came to the Dallas-Fort Worth, they lived in projects. My parents worked lowly jobs to make ends meet. But through non-stop hard work, sacrifice and determination, they made it. I’m a first-born American and that to me is the biggest blessing. I wake up every single day grateful to be an American and beyond thankful for my parents’ bravery. But more so, I’m grateful to the brave men and women who protect our freedoms because, without them, my family and I wouldn’t be here.

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