Blush Romper + Fruitive in Coastal Virginia

It is no surprise I love food. Growing up, my Mom would cook dinner every night and it was sure to be scrumptious! I love staying in and whipping up a yummy dish. However, discovering new restaurants is also a passion. The first certified organic fast-casual restaurant in North America, Fruitive really changes up the healthy eating game. Their newest location in quaint Ghent is bright, airy and welcoming – just what you would expect for Norfolk. They had Johnny and me in recently and treated us to some delicious eats! I have experience with their liquid meals, but this was my first time really eating at Fruitive. In typical JonaKim fashion, we got a nice variety and not surprisingly, quickly ate it all!

We got the early riser breakfast wrap, southwest collard tacos, PB no J superberry bowl and a sweetroot latte. While all the food was delicious, the collard tacos were our favorite. We’ve tried a lot of carb replacements when it comes to tacos, including lettuce. However, the collard greens were even better than real tacos! This is because the sauce and taco fillings do not soak through and tear as they would a traditional tortilla. The superberry bowl was everything I expected including fresh and light. For some reason, even though I know how to make these, they do not taste the same as when Fruitive makes them! There’s something about acai and peanut butter that tastes so good. The breakfast wrap had insane flavor, especially for a vegan dish. This is something you can grab and go, yet really packs a punch.

I got a lot of questions about the sweetroot latte because of its rich pink color. It has a coconut milk base with carrot, beet, cucumber, green apple, ginger, lemon, celery and turmeric. The espresso comes on the side so you can either mix them together or drink separately. I prefer them together because it’s easier. However, if you want a picture, take it before they are mixed!

Ghent is one of my favorite areas of Norfolk because it’s very walkable. You can park your car and enjoy the area for hours. Johnny and I chose to dine inside since it was cloudy, but Fruitive does have patio seating! Plus, these lush evergreen chairs are hard to resist. Healthwise, I try to eat vegetarian or vegan during the work week and eat seafood or some poultry on the weekend if I am out and about. I get a lot of questions about whether or not I feel full eating “just greens.” That’s why I love Fruitive. The food is delicious, yet doesn’t weigh you down. Plus, because it’s packed with nutrients you are full for a while. If you are looking for healthy eats or to get a new outlook on eating vegan, I highly recommend Fruitive.

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