Fall & Winter’s Best Fashion Investments Men Will Love

Hey, it’s Johnny. Every once in a while, Hoang-Kim lets me venture into writing a few blog posts. Today, I’m feeling really excited we get the opportunity to partner with Nordstrom to share my picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Whoever said Texas doesn’t have seasons is lying to you. There’s Texas hot (summer) and less hot (fall). Sometimes it’s downright cool. That being said, there’s a couple pieces in every wardrobe that deserve a seasonal refresh. It’s like changing up your seasonal cocktails – transitioning from White Claws to Pumpkin Spice something or another.

I got a quick glow up heading into fall by updating a few key items in my wardrobe including new pants, shirt, and statement leather jacket. I’ll be honest, Hoang-Kim does almost all of the shopping for me and it’s been that way for years. She does a great job at filling my closet with the best fashion investments, aka things I can blindly reach for, put on and know I look good in.

I look forward to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale because it means new fall and winter items usually. We both prefer a more pared-down wardrobe – items we can consistently reach for year after year. I used to just buy whatever, but Hoang-Kim’s turned me into a quality-over-quantity type of man. I hate when things start to break down season after season. Generally, you’re spending more money replenishing that “budget buy” than if you just made the overall investment in a quality item upfront. If you’re shopping for a man in your life, here’s how to set him up for success.


Size: Large | Price: $49.90, after sale 69.50

I’m a sucker for what I hope are timeless patterned, wrinkle-free button-downs. Especially shirts I can wear tucked or untucked for all occasions. I’m a simple guy who gets put in a lot of different situations for work and that means I want to walk into the closet and feel confident whatever I mix and match can work for any occasion. These shirts do just that. I’m also a lucky guy in that I don’t have to do laundry, but before we started living together, I swore by wrinkle-free. You literally take them out of the dryer, hang them up and they are good to go.

Hoang-Kim prefers the more professional tucked in look and I’m happy to oblige. This outfit can be dressed up with a Chelsea leather boot or dressed down with the shirt left untucked and paired with your favorite sneakers.

I typically have difficulty finding shirts fitting my shoulders and torso out of the box, so I’m ecstatic when I take a shirt like this one out of the package and it fits like a glove without making me look puffy. I typically wear anywhere from 44-46 in suit jackets. I think this shirt can complement anybody with an athletic build and I’m certainly a fan of the fit and slight sheen finish of the shirt. It’s not pictured, but I appreciate the detailing of the sleeve so, on hotter days, they can be stylishly rolled up.


Size: 32×34 | Price: $124.90 originally $188

When I first felt these pants while browsing around the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I gasped. They’re incredibly soft! I’m used to wearing AG jeans regularly and I’m happy with their fit, so I thought adding another pair would be great. I chose this pair and color because it feels so versatile. It’s a fun color, but still a blue, which for men is pretty much considered a neutral, right? They can be dressed up for a cocktail party or dressed down for a casual, comfy happy hour at home.

All of the pants come in a 34 or 36 inseam, so I needed to get these altered. I’m 5’10 for reference. They’re wildly comfortable and I can squat in these without feeling like the seams are going to rip. That’s an added bonus right there. Comes in blue and standard khaki.


A really cool Nordstrom hack Hoang-Kim turned me onto is taking advantage of the alterations. When you’re part of the Nordy Club you get perks. Since Hoang-Kim has Ambassador, we get $300 in alterations credit. Also, when you buy something at full price, you can get it altered for free. So we mainly use the alterations budget to alter any NSale items or frankly, anything we need to be altered.


Size: Large | Price: $269.90, originally $498

It’s been more than a decade since I felt this confident! There’s nothing quite like a well-worn leather jacket to make a man. The last time I had my leather motorcycle jacket was at some point in college. Unfortunately, I’ve since misplaced it. To be honest, I’m really not sure how that’s possible. Shame on me. This time, I’ll keep this one for decades. I saw Hoang-Kim raving about her blush leather jacket when she came home from shopping and I couldn’t help but feel left out.

I don’t play around when it comes to jackets and coats. These items are the ones that likely won’t need a refresh because their designs are timeless. If you take good care of them, they’ll take good care of you.

I always say, if you’re having a bad day, go get a haircut. There’s something about the confidence you feel coming out of the barbershop that just hits differently. This jacket gives me that same confidence when I put it on.

Every man needs to have a leather jacket in their wardrobe. There’s something about its look and feel that just screams “that man is sharp.” It’s your snug, weatherproof outer shell that you can wear for so many occasions. What I love about leather is that it ages with you. You can see it scar and wear like your own body. Every mark is a story. Size Large fits a hair snug, but I know it’ll stretch slightly and loosen with a bit of wear. We’ll update you come winter.

Let’s dive into some other goodies part of the sale.

Ted Baker Polo: There are some places that won’t let you in without collars and this gives you all the benefits of a premium t-shirt but with added polo touches. I got my first one last year and these are fantastic. Breathable material, solid colors with a tiny bit of pop via the collar and the front pocket. I wear so much blue, we got the sage color this year. I wear size 5.

Patagonia Better Sweater: Investing means thinking about the future. Buy winter and fall gear in the summer and all those swim trunks you want in the winter. This will net you the best deals. This sweater has served me well for six years and many trips through the washer. Hoang-Kim lays it flat to dry, but I’m pretty positive I’ve thrown it in the dryer and it still fits. There’s a reason it’s on every Christmas gift guide I’ve put out. I wear size Large, it’s warm, doesn’t feel restrictive and everyone in the family has one.

Nike Sneakers: A newer version of the flyknit sneakers I’ve come to love so much. They’re lightweight so you can be quick on your feet, whether you’re doing hill sprints or just walking to the grocery store. Fits true to size and meant to be slightly snug. I love the black with the white swoosh, too.

To Boot New York Chelsea Boot: I tell myself investing in footwear is one of those places where you can’t go wrong. This brand is iconic for designing classic styles and their craftsmanship is top-notch. These are comfortable, reliable and will elevate any look. I’ve worn them with jeans and slacks and they look solid.



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