Fall Favorites :: Cream Sweater + Handmade Leather Tote

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ASOS sweater (also love this one!), J Brand Jeans, Hunter boots, Waskerd tote
Ray-Ban aviators, Kendra Scott earrings c/o, Brandy Pham and Olive + Piper rings c/o

Happy Monday Everyone!
In today’s post, I’m sharing my fall favorites. First, I never make it through fall or winter without adding at least one cream sweater to my collection. To continue my love for all things off the shoulder, this cream sweater is now part of my wardrobe. It’s a classic shape while being trendy in both regular and petite sizing. I’m wearing a petite 00 here and I love the way it fits. But there’s an exception: you may notice the sleeves are long. If I wear this sweater on my shoulder, the sleeve length is fine, but off the shoulder and they easily go over my hands. I don’t mind it too much, just adds to the cozy feel. This sweater features a chunky knit and made of mostly acrylic coupled with some rayon.

Next on my fall favorites list are a pair of Hunter boots. I’ve had the original gloss boots for years. They have gone through countless rainstorms, tornadoes and of course, more recently hurricanes. Now I have packable ones, which I am also loving. They are so lightweight and personally, much easier to walk in I also prefer the matte look, which I heard scuffs less. Therefore, it’ll be easier to maintain and keep looking new.

Finally, a great leather tote bag is a must-have. I’m partnering with Waskerd, a local company in Norfolk. The founder and leathersmith Derek Shaw makes the items including bags, wallets, belts and more himself. He reached out to me about collaborating and I said yes, especially since he is local! Then, we chatted about what I look for in a bag. Once I got my hands on this beautiful bag I could see the passion Derek has. The bag itself is a beautiful light brown coupled with darker handles to create contrast. The lining of the bag is a polka-dot chambray! I’ve enjoyed bringing this bag around Hampton Roads with me on errands, especially when I went to Cullipher Farms to buy pumpkins and cider. Therefore if you’re in the market for a high-quality, handmade leather bag, contact Derek.

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