The New Round Marble Top Coffee Table We’re Loving For the Living Room

Ahraus marble top coffee table in transitional living room

Our living room got an upgrade with this new round marble top coffee table from Arhaus! We’re truly loving it and feel like we have more space to display things. Also, when we have family or friends over we have space for their drinks, food and more. If it looks a little familiar, it’s because it is from the same collection as our entryway table. However, since they are technically in separate spaces, it doesn’t feel like a matching set and works well to elevate the space.

We wanted to go with a round coffee table because we have a lot of straight lines in our living room already. From our sectional sofa to the area rug, and even the throw pillows are all rectangular or square. Choosing a round coffee table softens up the space and I love how it offers more space without visually being bulky.

The seal on the marble makes it easy to care for and I love having more space for coffee table books, magazines and anything else we want to display. One of my favorite details is actually the brass footing at the very bottom. It’s a subtle nod to all the other brass in our home without overdoing it. Plus, this round marble top coffee table is available in three finishes. We went with ebony to match our home, but the other two options are stunning!

arhaus marble top coffee table in transitional living room

Here’s how we currently have our round marble coffee table styled. We’ve had a lot of these items for years. The marble box to hide knick knacks, and I love how the acrylic bookstand and assortment of coffee table books have some more breathing room here. We currently have a black marble bowl to corral some items, too. The ruffles complement the coffee table base so well!

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