Three Best Home Items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

One of the big drawing points about our Dallas apartment is the amount of natural light we have. Our apartment is truly flooding with light and it makes the biggest difference. I don’t think I could ever live somewhere without as much light ever again. However, that’s not to say our apartment is perfect. The living room is quite small and has an odd layout. I’ve never had to “float” a sofa before but it became clear this was our only option. I’m keeping things minimal and clutter free to help make the space appear bigger.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has some good deals when it comes to home pieces. The sale overall can be super overwhelming with thousands of items to sift through. I want to share the three best home items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019. These are items you’ll have in your home regardless of the season. Plus, when guests come over, they are sure to compliment you and your taste.



Review: Easily one of my favorite new home purchases by far. This throw is beyond soft, stretchy and warm. It’s not super thick or anything but still keeps you warm and looks beautiful in any space. Whether you drape it on a sofa or use it as another layer on your bed, it’s sure to be the perfect cozy addition. Comes in a few colors. I have the stone color but also love the antique rose, which is a gorgeous mauve pink.
Price: $96.90, After Sale: $147.00


Review: I got an extremely similar pillow last fall and I’m very surprised with the quality. I originally through the texture front would be deliciate but mine has been through the ringer and still in beautiful condition. Hangers have gone through it, I’ve laid on it tons and it’s like all of that doesn’t affect it. I couldn’t recommend this more.
Price: $45.90, After Sale: $69.00


Review: One of my favorite candles, ever. These Capri Blue candles smell simply divine and have a really long burn rate. I love having one in every living space, sometimes two. The smell is strong but not overbearing. I love getting these when they’re on sale and stock up for the season ahead. The jumbo size is massive and will last.
Price: $56.90, After Sale: $86.00

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