Best Amazon Prime Day Deals – My Picks & Items I Love


Between Amazon Prime Day and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, it’s like Christmas in July! While the latter tends to be more fun, Amazon Prime Day is a great time to save money on functional items you’ll use in your daily life. Johnny and I are huge Amazon fans and it always seems like we have something in our cart! Here are my picks for what you should add to your cart.


I’ve had this case for a few months and love it for traveling! It can fit all of the makeup and toiletries I need for a trip. Plus, I love how there is a separate spot for brushes and you can customize the compartments to the size you need. This is such a steal and is one of my top-selling items!


I have personally converted dozens of people to use AirPods and I hope you’ll join me. I know that makes it sound like a cult but they truly are incredible. Once you try them, you can’t go back to wires. Not only does music/podcasts/videos pause when you take out one year, but they are very intuitive and the sound quality is great. When you’re on a phone call in a crowded place, your voice is still crisp and clear.


While not noise-canceling, these are still a great deal if you’re looking to up your sound game. These are great for tuning people out and really getting into your own world. I love the white color and the ear pads are so soft they won’t hurt your ears.


I’ve had a similar model for years and it never fails me. This truly makes dental hygiene a no-brainer. Plus, if you really want to get techy, there’s an app you can download to see your tooth and gum health.


Hands down my favorite sunscreen, ever. I use this all over my body when I’m going outside and so does Johnny and everyone in my family. It doesn’t feel greasy, sticky or like any other sunscreen. The smell is lovely, too.


I rely on St. Tropez for any self-tanning needs. If I don’t get a spray tan, I use their mousse regularly to maintain a nice glow without subjecting my skin to harmful rays. I apply with a mitt and this formula truly gives the best color.


I own quite a bit of wool and cashmere but don’t like to dry clean too much. The Laundress shampoo specifically for cashmere and wool allows me to wash these garments at home while keeping them in tip-top shape. I truly swear by this and knows it’s what’s keeping my winter pieces lasting year after year! Don’t forget to lay flat to dry and never put in the dryer!

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