The Two Leggings I Can’t Stop Wearing

I love dressing up and being fancy, but I also love leggings. There are two leggings I can’t stop wearing. I have loved these two pairs for years and they are of incredible quality. I still am on my first pair and haven’t needed to buy another because they are so well made. I find myself reaching for them over and over, whether I want a casual, sporty or even dressy look.

One reason I love these two leggings is they are not just for working out. While they are made by athletic apparel brands, you can style them with dresses, tunics and wear with boots for a dressy look. I really rely on them in the winter months to layer and keep me warm. If it’s super cold, I’ll even wear cashmere tights on underneath.  If I’m wearing leggings, I’m probably wearing these. Let’s dive in!

Koral Lustrous Leggings

I originally got these in 2016 and they have been on repeat since. I love the lustrous look and I prefer these over the Spanx Faux Leather leggings! They are a workout legging, so they are not sheer at all. Plus, the lustrous look is the actual fabric of the leggings, so it doesn’t chip or flake off.


I wear size XS in these leggings and I would say they fit true to size. I’m 5’3 for reference and these are not too long or too short. They may be a hair long sometimes, but I’m able to adjust them accordingly. For me, they are mid-rise, but I don’t mind. I love how they fit and I don’t have to pull them up during a workout or througout the day. I also love how they don’t feel restrictive.


I have only had one issue in the past four years of owning these and that was one loose thread. I snipped it and done. No more problems. This is why the Koral leggings are one of the two of the leggings I can’t stop wearing! I’ve washed them countless times, I’ve thrown them in the dryer and they always come out looking fantastic. However, I do recommend letting them lay flat to dry or hang drying! Four years later and they still look new and don’t pill.

Nike One Luxe Leggings

A newer purchase from 2019, I cannot stop reaching for these leggings! They are buttery soft, I can’t even explain it. Plus, I really appreciate how they are made of sustainable materials. I love the hidden pocket in the back and even though there is a swoosh, you can’t really see it! This means, you can wear them under sweater dresses, with tunics and boots and in real life outside of the gym. These come in lots of fun colors, too!


True to size and super stretchy! I got size XS and the length is great. These are more of a high rise than the lustrous leggings, which I appreciate. These are ever so slightly less tight, too. They are easily the most comfortable pair of leggings I have ever worn in my life. I have no issues with these falling down or needing to adjust throughout the day or during a workout.


I’ve had these since summer 2019 and they are phenomenal. No loose threads, no pilling and no issues. There haven’t been any pilling and I wear these a ton! I wash inside out and lay flat to dry. The color has not faded, either. I couldn’t recommend these more!

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