The Best Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021 Home Items

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale isn’t just about fashion. There are some wonderful items you can buy on sale for your home, too! I wanted to share the best Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021 Home items in this post and most of them I already own! Everyone knows about the Barefoot Dreams blankets and while those are such great buys, there are other home items worth purchasing, too! I’ll list out my Top Five below and then share a collage of my favorite Nordstrom Anniversary Sale home items still in stock.

1. Boll & Branch Sheet Set

Y’all know I love Boll & Branch. What is there not to love? They are fair trade, sheets are made of organic cotton and sustainably sourced materials and the quality is incredible. For more on Boll & Branch, check out my blog post here. I currently have a 15% off coupon, HKCUNG15, at Boll & Branch if you’re interested in something specific there. However, at the Norstrom Anniversary Sale the sale is deeper on their sheet set.

2. Boll & Branch Duvet Set

We first got Boll & Branch sheets in 2019 and earlier this year added their percale duvet set to our collection. It is a game-changer! Wow! I can’t believe the duvet set is also included in the Nordstrom Sale!

3. Simplehuman Sensor Mirror

I originally got this mirror in 2014 because my apartment bathroom didn’t have the best lighting and I was doing my makeup in my bedroom. I now cannot do my makeup without it! There is a reason it’s so popular. The 5x magnification feels super intense at first, but I promise you’ll get used to it and start to love it. I can see everything and it makes makeup application so precise! It lights up when you get close and with the app you can control the light settings.

4. Slip Silk Pillowcase

We adore our Boll & Branch sheets, but these are the best pillowcases, ever. There are less expensive versions, but I promise they do not compare! These are the best quality, hold up in the washing machine (don’t forget to air dry) and last. They feel so good on the skin and help reduce bedhead!

5. Marble Lazy Susan 

While I don’t have this exact one in our kitchen, a marble lazy susan is a must! Whether you use it to corral your regularly used kitchen items (we use it for olive oil, salt, etc.) or to display cups or actually using it as a lazy susan at your table, this is a beauty. The size is massive and it’s beautiful. I’ve seen it in person and it’s worth every penny!

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