Guest Room Essentials That’ll Make Anyone Feel Welcome

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Our home will officially have its first out-of-town guest tonight! We are so excited to have our friend stay with us and hope he has the most comfortable and fun time! While we generally keep the “guest” bedroom stocked since my Dad sleeps with us most nights out of the week, we added a few things to make this space comfortable and relaxing. I’m excited to share 10 guest room essentials that will make anyone feel welcome!

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1. Comfy Bedsheets

I can’t talk enough about these sheets (more on them in this post)! They are truly the best and all we use in my family, making them guest room essentials for sure They are soft to the touch, cool, sustainably made and the quality is incredible. We have the beautiful botanical print in our guest bedroom. Code HKCUNG15 gets you 15% off. May I also recommend their duvet inserts and duvet sets as well!

2. Best-Smelling Candle

I love the mood a candle can give and it really makes a space feel warm and cozy. These candles are perfect for guest bedrooms or guest suites because they have a scent for almost every state or city! You can either get a candle to coordinate with your home or maybe where your guest is from if they are staying for more than a couple of days! The Texas one smells so clean yet calming.

3. Mugs

I keep a ton of mugs in the kitchen, but I love to leave a mug or two in the guest bedroom. My theory behind this is to give guests a subtle nod it’s okay to have drinks in the room and if they want to grab something to drink they are more than welcome to!

4. Slippers

We don’t wear shoes in our house (unless they are house shoes) so we like to have slippers on hand to make sure guests are comfortable! No one likes cold floors, after all. I love how these come individually packaged and there are two sizes options. I couldn’t imagine guest bedroom essentials without slippers!

5. Luggage Rack

If there’s one thing making my skin crawl, it’s luggage on a bed. Think about it: our luggage, and its wheels, go in some pretty dirty places. Why would you put that on your bed? Instead of having luggage on the floor where guests have to squat down or bend over, a luggage rack puts it at an accessible height.

6. Mattress

When it comes to guest room essentials, a good night’s sleep is a must. We want our guests to feel ultra cozy and like they can really sink into bed and recharge for the next day. My entire family sleeps on Leesa mattresses so why wouldn’t our guests? We have the Hybrid mattress in our guest bedroom, which is a mix of coils and memory foam.

7. Blackout Curtains

I’ve had blackout curtains since I was a teenager and they are a gamechanger! It can be hard to sleep in a new environment so blacking out any exterior lights and noises are key. I’ve had these for five years and they are wonderful quality.

8. Soap Dispensers

Not technically guest bedroom essentials, but these soap dispensers will help guests have a relaxing shower. No guessing what is what, these are easy to read and you can refill them.

9. Travel-Size Lotion

This one is a little extra, but if you do this, your guests won’t forget it! I hate having dry hands or dry skin, so I always carry a small travel-size lotion bottle with me. This Chanel one is so chic and fits practically anywhere. Plus, it smells divine.

10. Caraffe + Glass

Instead of guests wandering around the house trying to find water, I like to leave a caraffe and glass on the nightstand so if they wake up in the middle of the night and need water, it’s right there. I couldn’t imagine a list of guest room essentials without this.

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