The Best Gift You Can Send That Will Make Them Smile

Blogger Hoang-Kim receiving an UrbanStems Ravenna bouquet as a surprise
This post is in partnership with UrbanStems. All opinions are my own.

There are a few gifts almost everyone loves to receive and flowers are most definitely on that list. In the past 10 years of being together, Johnny never ceases to amaze me with flowers. Whether it’s because I had a bad day at work, my birthday or just because, flowers have always been a go-to for us, especially since we were long distance for about six years. They make me smile the moment I get them and every time I see them, which is why they are the best gift you can send.

However, there have definitely been some interesting flower delivery experiences, including a completely different bouquet arriving or the flowers coming in bad condition. I’m excited to share more about UrbanStems, which I’ve personally used to send gifts and have gotten gifts from in the past year. You can use code HKCUNG15 to get 15% off and free shipping on your next order through October 31. Whether you’re looking for beautiful flowers to spruce up your home or looking to send a gift, I couldn’t recommend UrbanStems more.

When this partnership came through, I let Johnny take the reins as far as ordering the flowers so it could be a bit of a surprise and as a nod to old times. I say old times, but in reality, he bought me flowers probably two months ago, ha! We are both very impressed with the boxes the flowers came in. First of all, they are beautiful and truly make receiving flowers special. Next, the boxes are sturdy and the flowers are held in place in the center, which means they are in great condition and aren’t damaged. I’ve gotten orchids and other delicate flowers from UrbanStems and they always arrive in tiptop shape. Plus, the inside of the box even has care tips for how to keep the flowers lasting as long as possible.

UrbanStem’s fall collection is absolutely gorgeous. I love the rich hues and the selection of flowers are truly unique. I love how they take care to mix and match different flowers to create a gorgeous bouquet. They also have plants and orchids you could send as gifts, too! Here are items I’m loving.

Johnny got me The Ravenna bouquet from the Fall Collection and I love all the rich golden tones. Plus, it’s so full and lush! One aspect I really appreciate about UrbanStems is how you can immediately add in the delivery address and date before browsing flowers. This way, you can only look at what’s available. Plus, they send out confirmations when your order ships and when they have been delivered so there isn’t any confusion. Don’t forget you can use code HKCUNG15 to get 15% off and free shipping.

You can buy vases on UrbanStems if you need them. This navy one I picked up a few weeks ago for fall complements this bouquet perfectly. If you’re order flowers for yourself, don’t forget to cut the stems at a 45-degree angle first. Then, change out the water regularly so they last as long as possible!

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