The 3 Things That Will Make Your Move Easier

Hoang-Kim and Jonathan are first time homeowners who built their white painted brick one-story home in Dallas
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WE ARE HOME!!! It feels so good to say we are officially homeowners! We are feeling so grateful and our hearts are so full. Thank you so much for being with us along this wild journey! I’ll write up a lengthier post later, but I got so many questions about some of the items we really needed for the first day. I wanted to throw up a quick post to make it easy for y’all to shop! Click below to shop any of the items. Many of you also inquired about some registry-style items so I will include that below as well.


Making a “First-Day” box is critical! This box should consist of items you need the moment you get the keys to your new home! In addition to the items below, we added toilet paper and paper towels. Since our new home has a ton of windows, installing some type of window treatment was crucial. Out of the 3 things that will make your life easier, getting temporary paper shades is at the top of that list. We got black and are very impressed with the quality for the price. Plus, they are blackout!

We got Bona cleaner to clean our hardwood floors. It’s pretty much the standard. We still have our steam mop and I need to do some research to see if I can use it or whether or not it’ll damage our floors. For now, we are loving Bona. Since we have a new build and the dust is still “settling” I plan on mopping every two to three days just to keep everything clean.

Hoang-Kim and Jonathan are first time homeowners who built their white painted brick one-story home in Dallas


Something we did to help our movers and cut down on the time is label every box by room then printed out papers with the room name on them so they would know where to go. I know it seems obvious, but remember, this isn’t their future home. You may know which of the secondary bedrooms you plan on making an office, but they don’t. Plus, you want to make it stupid-proof. One of my readers recommended using colored duct tape, which is a fantastic idea, too! She showed me a photo of how she made a “key” of her home showing what colored tape corresponded with which room.


So many of you have reached out to me asking what we did to make sure we, and our movers, stayed safe during the pandemic. I will say, I already go a little overboard with cleaning and that is amplified during moving. But there are a few general suggestions I would recommend.


Before I packed every item, I made sure to clean it. If they were dishes, they were clean, if it was decor, I gave it a good wipe down with all-purpose cleaner. I also put almost all the items inside a plastic bag or lined the box to keep things clean. I won’t lie, this will make your move easier because you can just put items away without having to clean in your new home.


Johnny and I have used the same moving company about three times now. They are a small, local business and the movers are great. When I called to book the move, I asked the owner if they would wear masks. He explained they can, but it does make breathing quite difficult and we all know how laborious moving is. Eventually, I told him I would be comfortable with the movers not wearing masks so long as they stayed six feet away from me. If you mark all your boxes, this makes it possible.

On moving day, the two guys who showed up to move us were actually wearing masks, which we thought was great. Johnny wore one at first, but with his allergies, it started getting even harder to breathe so he took his off. All movers usually wear gloves already, so we were good there. We also used the same two guys to load our moving truck and unload.


I know this isn’t always possible, but I highly encourage you to immediately clean your new home before the movers get there. We got our keys Friday afternoon and spent all of Friday night and early Saturday morning cleaning the house. Yes, housekeepers do go in and clean before we close, but we like things extra squeaky clean, especially now! I wiped down every single kitchen shelf, drawer, cabinet, door handle and window sill.

Hoang-Kim and Jonathan are first time homeowners who built their white painted brick one-story home in Dallas


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