Stars on Ice :: The Skating Show You Have to See

It may come as no surprise Johnny and I are huge figure skating fans. After all, my first real international trip was the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea! I’m excited to share in addition to a lot of work meetings, Johnny and I are heading to New York City to watch Stars on Ice! The United States tour kicks off tonight in Ft. Meyers, Florida and we are very excited to watch the second stop in Long Island. It’s crazy how life works, sometimes. I’ve had a NY trip planned to meet with brands about projects I’m working on. Fortunately, the Stars on Ice tour happens to be in New York the same weekend! To say we are ecstatic would be an understatement.

What I love about Stars on Ice is how it brings together the best figure skaters in America, including my personal favorite, Nathan Chen, so you can see them truly perform without the pressure of competition. The 13-city tour includes other top American skaters including Meryl Davis & Charlie White, who are Olympic champions; Maia & Alex Shibutani, who are Olympic Bronze Medalists; Mirai Nagasu an Olympic bronze medalist; Vincent Zhou the new World Bronze Medalist; Olympic Bronze Medalist and National Champion Bradie Tennell; two-time World Medalists Madison Hubbell & Zachary Donohue; Olympic Bronze Medalist Jeremy Abbott; and Ashley Wagner, a World Silver Medalist.

The last time I got to see figure skating of this caliber in person was the 2018 Winter Olympics, so I’m very eager to see this show! Plus, I might be feeling a little post-Olympic, post-season blues, so this is a great way to get out of that.

As a former figure skater, I can’t say enough about how important a tour like this is. Not only is it entertaining and will be a performance you won’t forget, but it also helps supports these skaters and athletes who represent our country. I remember being a little girl and seeing an ice show. Immediately, I was inspired to start skating and I can’t imagine my life without it.

Figure skating is truly a beautiful sport combining artistry, athleticism and passion. After the Olympics, I quickly learned, if it’s possible to watch skating of this caliber in person, you have to do it! Tickets start at just $25 and the show lasts a few hours. Each skater will perform their own program and a few of the skaters will be in various group numbers, which are always really fun!

There’s also a limited number of meet & greet tickets available where you can meet with the skaters after the show.

I’ve never been to a Stars on Ice show before, but I stalked YouTube for the televised performance of last year’s show, which unfortunately didn’t come to Texas. My friend Jordan Cowan actually got ice seats to the New York show and took some great photos. I’m sharing them here to give you a glimpse at what it’ll be like! He’s actually an On Ice Cinematographer (@OnIcePerspectives on IG) and is working with Stars on Ice so I’m stoked to see the videoes he’ll create with the cast.