Saturday Spread: Our New Build is Leaking, Coronavirus & Having Grace and Sale Picks!

Hi Y’all! Johnny and I are excited to kick off a new series on the blog this morning! Each Saturday, we are hoping you’ll grab a cup of coffee, tea or whatever drink you start your weekend morning with, and join us for our Saturday Spread. We’ll share a recap of what happened in our lives this week, round-up of any sales happening and something either inspiring us this week or just something we hope you’ll find resourceful. It’s my hope you leave my humble corner of the internet feeling either inspired, happy, confident or just a little bit smarter.


I understand this is a scary time for many of us. Johnny and I feel so fortunate to work from home. From my days of being a TV Journalist, I know so many aren’t so lucky. My siblings work in medicine and continue to help others the best they can. My heart goes out to those who are sick, those who are caring for loved ones and those who are most at risk, including people older than 60, with pre-existing conditions and compromised immune systems. I also feel for those who are scared, don’t know what to do or those disappointed about events being canceled everywhere.

I hope during this time, we can practice compassion and patience. Perhaps we can make an effort to all do what we can to stay home, stop the spread of this virus, help each other and be there for one another. I’ll continue posting my usual positive content about fashion, my lifestyle and our new home. It’s not meant to downplay the situation at all. Rather, I hope it brings you an escape from what’s happening and puts a smile on your face.
Also, I recently changed up our cleaning supplies. instead of consistently buying new bottles of cleaner, I got glass spray bottles and refill it with our favorite formula. Leaving them linked below.


We checked out our new build Friday and guess what? We found a leak in our dining room. Underneath one of the three large windows, we found water pooling on the floor. This concerns us for a few reasons: our house has passed inspection and the brick on this side of the house is installed. So how is water getting into our soon-to-be home? A few of you responded to my Instagram story saying the flashing on the window wasn’t properly done. We immediately emailed our construction manager who said he will get back to us next week. On the way to see our house, it was pouring rain and a bit of flash flooding. We almost didn’t go but I said it would be a good idea to check on the house when it’s raining… it turned out to be the right move because we never would have discovered the leak!

Earlier this week, I got an email from one of my favorite brands who I have been dying to work with, Ann Taylor! I’m so excited about this and to share some of their new spring arrivals with y’all soon! I’ve always loved their classic pieces and have relied on their clothing for both professional settings and casual weekends for more than a decade. Plus, they are having a sale where you can get up to 40% off if you buy more than three items.

Johnny is pretty bummed SXSW was canceled because he had a few exciting projects launching. However, health and the community is more important and there will be other opportunities for these projects to launch. It’s still disappointing though. He spent the latter half of the week calling around business partners to reassure them and provide some guidance through this time. He’s an eternal optimist, so he believes we can collectively weather the storm. We need strong leadership and action where there’s a void in organizations and especially with groups operating “business as usual.”



Serena & Lily is having their spring sale, where everything is 20% off with code FRESHMIX. I’ve been swooning over these white dipped jars for about six months and finally got them! They’ll be perfect for fresh flowers or eucalyptus in our apartment now and then when we move into our new home! Serena & Lily is on the slightly pricy side, but I combed through their site and am sharing my picks below. From someone who has been in their Dallas store a few times and lusted after everything, I can confidently say their items are worth every penny. The craftsmanship, the quality and the unique look can’t be beaten. Click on each item to shop below.


30% off with code GOSHOP


30% off full-price styles with code 92231


20% off and free shipping with code FREESHIP. A discovery I made a few years ago but was never able to put into action until last Fall. Rejuvenation makes gorgeous solid brass hardware for the home and I chose these gorgeous brass pulls for my sister’s new-build home. Johnny and I plan to get our hardware from there, too. I’ve also been swooning over a few other things from there, too.


Up to 25% off kitchen and pantry items

What Inspired Us This Week…

I’d say we officially became race fans in the past season. Ever since the Drive to Survive Formula 1 documentary dropped on Netflix, we have been HOOKED. Johnny and I have wanted to see Ford v. Ferrari for some time now and last night, we supported a local business by getting takeout and stayed home and rented the movie on Amazon. It was SO good.

It reminded us big victories always come at a cost and with a few lessons from failure. It’s inspiring to see how a team saw this vision to turn Ford into a motor company associated with racing and was able to reach the top so quickly thanks to the hard work, perseverance and grit from an incredible team.

Johnny voraciously reads Twitter and was inspired by the swift action by CEOs, advised by local medical professionals, the CDC, and WHO to take action to drive Work From Home (WFH) and cancel large events to protect their employees and the population. One that stood out was a video from Danny Meyer of Union Square Hospitality Group in NYC (Eleven Madison Park, Gramercy Tavern, Union Square Cafe, Shake Shack, etc.) telling his employees and the community that they’re taking every action necessary in the face of COVID-19 and the uncertainty it brings. He also announced the temporary closing of all 19 restaurants for public safety.

 There’s some real fallout that is already hurting small businesses and blue collar workers, but the best organizations are stepping up to help their hard workers. If you can, buy some gift cards from your favorite small businesses. This cash flow will help them weather the storm.

Lastly, @Balaji on Twitter has been ringing the siren bell on COVID-19 for a several weeks and was at the forefront of “social distancing.” He’s a great follow for some perspective during this pandemic who’s not going to be featured by mainstream news channels.

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