My Favorite Simple Neutral Nails You’ll Have To Try

Having perfectly manicured nails is something I strive for. I often get asked about my nails and nail color so I want to share some neutral nails you’ll have to try the next time you get a manicure. There’s something so chic and elegant about neutral nails. I love how neutrals go with everything, doesn’t clash and is so flattering on a variety of skin tones. I’m known to rotate between some of my favorite colors, so chances are, one of these colors is on my nails! Also, my nails tend to grow pretty fast, so I try to go in for a manicure every three weeks.

What I Ask My Nail Tech

Before diving into some neutral nails you’ll have to try, I want to share some basic information about my nails. I typically always get dip powder on my real nails. I used to get gel but since moving to Dallas, I started getting dip on a regular basis. I go to NAILED Nail Bar and usually ask for CeeCee, but trust me, everyone there is excellent!

But does dip damage your nails? I find it doesn’t. It’s all about the removal process. If you go in to get them removed and there is a lot of drilling involved, yes that will damage your nails. It’s best to soak them off. At my salon (more on this below) they give you a bowl of hot hot water with a towel in it to add some cushion. Then there is a ziploc bag with cotton and acetone. You’ll rub your nails against the cotton soaked in acetone. Within five to ten minutes, all of the dip comes off. No drilling involved! Sometimes they’ll use the drill on the edges, but very slightly. My nails aren’t weak without the dip at all. If your salon doesn’t soak off your dip and insists on mainly drilling, I would recommend finding a different salon or removing the dip at home before going into your salon.

SHAPE: Almond. Sometimes if I’m feeling extra sassy, I’ll ask for the tech to give me a bit more of a point (like in the photo above). It does help to have photos, so make sure you show the tech a sample!
OPACITY: I usually ask for two to three coats of both dip or gel. A lot of my favorite colors are sheer, so this ensures the color is true. Be wary of doing too many coats of gel because the tech can’t thin it out afterward like with dip.
THICKNESS: If I get dip powder, I’ll ask for the tech to thin it out so it doesn’t look thick. The best techs will do this automatically.

French Ombre

I have been getting this on my nails nonstop for the past year. I cannot get enough and it’s such a great neutral look. If you’re a bride-to-be this would be perfect, too! The trick here is asking for a color that’s closest to your nail beds. For me, I ask for more of a nude pink than a light pink. My favorite is CND Warm Sand. Then, I ask for the white tip to be on thinner side as opposed to being almost half the nail.

Neutral nails with OPI's Love is in the BareNude Neutrals

Below are some of my favorite nude neutral nails you’ll have to try! Another fun way to mix up neutral nails is to mix in matte and regular finish nails like I did in the photo below. It adds a bit of interest to the basic neutral color. Something else I love doing is french ombre dip nails like in the very first photo of this blog post. I always ask to get it with a light nude color as opposed to light pink, though. And ask for the white to be thinner.









Neutral nails with OPI's Be There in A Prosecco

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