5 Kitchen & Pantry Organization Ideas

Blogger Hoang-Kim Cung shares pantry organization ideas including rattan baskets, food storage containers, and more

Our pantry isn’t super large by any means, but it’s much bigger than what we had in our city apartment. There’s much more space for all of our dried goods, snacks and smaller cooking appliances we don’t use as often. When we first moved in, I put everything inside as best I could. Of course, there was so much room! But as we grew into this home and started grocery shopping for more than two, the clutter and mess slowly started. Over the weekend, I invited my girlfriends over and we tackled the pantry and a few drawers! I’m excited to share with you five kitchen and pantry organization ideas.

Blogger Hoang-Kim Cung shares pantry organization ideas including rattan baskets and drawer organizers from the Marie Kondo Collection at The Container Store

We already had some food storage containers and a couple of baskets, but I wanted to really get this pantry organized and under control. I placed a pretty big order because I would rather have more and return later then have to stop in the middle of the project to go and get more. Most of the items I got are from Marie Kondo’s new collection at The Container Store! I love the color of these baskets and they are nice and sturdy, too!

We usually get clear acrylic drawer organizers, so I wanted to try something new this time. I love how substantial these are and the quality looks great.

1. Rattan Bins

We have a lot of items with vibrant packaging or one or two of an item that are not aesthetically pleasing. To keep things organized, easy to find and somewhat aesthetic, these rattan bins are perfect! They come in three sizes and I ordered all of them. We used the small size for snacks and our instant rice porridge. The medium is perfect for canned goods and dried goods such as shiitake mushrooms and rice paper. The large size rattan bins we put on the bottom shelf to corral our coffee bean grinder, hot water kettle and extra miscellaneous items.

2. Food Storage Containers

I love the look of these! They have sleek lines come in a set of five and the sizes are just perfect for what we need. I have about three sets and use them to store star anise, peppercorns, dry yeast, chocolate chips, pasta and more. Pantry organization ideas tip: I ordered these custom pantry labels to make sure we always know what we’re grabbing and so we don’t mistakenly use an empty container for something else.


Blogger Hoang-Kim Cung shares pantry organization ideas including rattan baskets, food storage containers, and more


3. Glass Jars

We have these for storing baking goods such as flour, sugar and oats. It’s great because we can fit a small scoop inside and have no problems getting it in and out of the lip of the jar. I appreciate the black lids because it follows the aesthetic of the black food storage containers!

4. Turntables / Lazy Susans

Corners are always tricky. Make those hard-to-reach spots more efficient with turntables! I love putting these in corners so you can make use of all that space and can easily see what you have. I have these in our bathroom cabinet so items don’t get loss in the “back abyss” and so I don’t accidentally buy something when I already have it. You can also put these in your refrigerator, too! They come in lots of sizes and there are some with rims to keep items from falling out.

5. Tiered Utensil Drawer Organizer

A tiered utensil drawer is something I wish I knew to ask for when designing our kitchen. This drawer organizer makes up for it. We’re able to have all of our flatware in one place and every single item has a home. It makes me so happy to see everything so beautifully laid out!

Blogger Hoang-Kim Cung shares kitchen and pantry organization ideas including tiered drawer organizers from Marie Kondo's collection at The Container Store

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