Keeping Cool :: Embroidered Dress + Floppy Hat


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Tularosa embroidered dress (on sale for less than $110), Chloe satchel, Soludos espadrilles, Hat Couture floppy hat c/o, Karen Walker sunnies, Kendra Scott earrings /co

Hello Everyone!
It is so HOT in Hampton Roads. We’re having high temperatures combined with plenty of humidity! I’m staying cool by wearing breathable fabrics including cotton and reaching for as many off the shoulder items as I can. This Tularosa embroidered dress is a great dress for summer because it has so many unique details, but isn’t thick and hot. The embroidery is absolutely beautiful in person and so intricate. It definitely fits Tularosa’s romantic feminine feel. This dress is unlined, but I don’t mind since it’s made of cotton, so there’s nothing to stick to me when temps are roaring and I’m sweating. This embroidered dress comes with adjustable straps, but I chose to nix them for the complete off the shoulder look. Both the neckline and waist are elastic, so if you decide to wear this to a big meal, you’re good to go.
I never really paid attention to hats before, but since moving to Virginia I’ve felt the need more than ever, especially when I’m at the beach. Hat Couture sent me this customized floppy hat and I chose the words “day dreamer” for the brim. The words are in black sequins and matches the black pom poms on the hat. This hat is extremely similar to the elusive Eugenia Kim hats, which are definitely not affordable. You can pick from the available hats including ones saying bon voyage, do not disturb, bride, and more or make a custom hat. They also have hats for kids too, which I think is absolutely adorable! From the website, it looks like any part of the hat can be customizable including the color of the sequin wording and pom poms.

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