How to Turn Your Patio into an Outdoor Office

This post is made in partnership with Amazon Home. All opinions are my own.

Most of us, if we’re lucky enough, are finding ourselves working from home nowadays. I can understand needing a new environment or wanting a change of scenery. I’m so excited to share how we teamed up with Amazon Home to turn our patio into an outdoor office space we love! We absolutely love our home and while Johnny has taken the main office to work in and I usually work at the kitchen island, it’s nice to be able to mix things up! August is over and cooler weather is ahead, which means our backyard patio is the perfect space for us to set up an outdoor office. Fresh air can be so good for us and just because we need to stay home doesn’t mean we have to stay indoors.

Ultimately, we wanted a space that could do double duty. We wanted to turn our patio into an outdoor office during the day. Then, at night it could transform into a comfortable place where we could eat dinner with family and friends. So, we turned to Amazon Home because we knew they have a range of multifunctional furniture and office supplies that could work within the space, easily transforming it from day to night. Here’s how you can turn your patio into an outdoor office with a few key elements.

Comfortable Temperature

Living in Texas, we easily get 100-degree days every summer. Sometimes it’s even 113 degrees! We stay inside when there’s a heat advisory for safety, but when it’s not triple digits, we like to be outside. Even though we have a covered patio, the heat can be pretty stifling. That’s where an outdoor ceiling fan comes in. It’ll give you some reprieve from the heat with a nice breeze. We love the sleek, modern look of this matte black fan. It was pretty easy to install, too! It’s definitely a two-person job, but after changing a few light fixtures in our home, we felt pretty confident doing this!

This particular fan comes with a remote, which we keep inside our home and bring outside when we’re on the patio. The blades are sleek and can go pretty fast! Just remember if you’re turning the fan on and you have any loose papers you’re working with to have a paperweight!

If you live in a colder climate, you may want to look into outdoor heaters instead of fans. To be honest, we’ll probably look into one around early November so we can spend more time outside!

Create Your Ideal Workspace

Everyone is a little bit different. Some people like individual desk areas instead of a big conference-style table. Since Johnny and I have individual desks in our office, we opted for more of a community-style feel for our outdoor office. Especially since we do want this to be a gathering place for family and friends!

This 7′ white folding table perfectly fits our space and we both love the smooth finish. It makes it super easy to work on since we can slide our laptops, papers and other random things around on the table. Plus, we don’t have to worry too much about coasters with our drinks since it’s low maintenance! This table can comfortably seat four and if you really need to, you could add one chair on each end. I love how it can fold away for easy storage, too.

Comfortable seating is crucial for me. If I’m going to sit while working, I have to be comfortable. I love how these chairs are set a little wider than your typical dining chair. Plus, the chairs are made of eucalyptus and the light color matches our aesthetic. Another perk is how they slide very easily, so it’s not a hassle to get up or scoot your chair in. With our Amazon Prime membership, we received free delivery on both the chairs and table, even though they were probably the heaviest items on our list!

Curate Accessories You Love

Just because you plan on working in our outdoor office, doesn’t mean it needs to be sterile and boring. After all, it’s your home! Find accessories you love and add it in! Amazon Home’s store brands such as Stone & Beam and Rivet have fun accessories and home decor you can choose from at a great value! I can’t resist cute throw pillows and love how these tie in with our matte black ceiling fan. Since our chairs are made of wood, I wanted something to soften things up.

Call me crazy, but I really think no outdoor space is complete without a rug. I love how it adds a soft feel under your feet and really makes a space feel cozy. I love the neutral color of this jute rug. It doesn’t make a huge statement, yet I can’t imagine our patio without it. I think it wouldn’t feel complete.

I’m a throw blanket addict. I love them. They add texture and since I’m usually always cold, I like to have them nearby. I’ve always wanted one of these ladders to display blankets on, so I’m making my dreams come true here.

Complete Your Office Space

Johnny jokes no office space is complete without a projector. We are both visual people, so we like to see our plans, goals and even our calendar. Johnny is a tech entrepreneur, but he helps me so much with Color & Chic. This nifty projector not only helps me show him mood boards or inspiration for new concepts or content for the blog, but for planning out our weekly calendar. We learned early on getting things scheduled and a clear line of communication is what keeps us going, so being able to literally project a calendar onto our wall has been helpful. It’s a fun step up from having a whiteboard haha!

AmazonBasics has a ton of supplies every office needs. I keep a pretty strict calendar, which goes down to the minute, but I still love to jot things down. These notepads are helpful, especially if I need to break down a bigger task, or leave a note for Johnny not to eat my afternoon snacks. 😉


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