How to Hide Small Appliances in Your Kitchen with An Appliance Garage

When we were designing our kitchen, we knew we had to have an appliance garage. But what is an appliance garage? Simply put, it’s a place to park your small appliances such as a coffee maker, blender, hot water kettle, rice cooker, etc. It allows them to be plugged in and easily accessible for daily use while also being hidden by a door. See it in action here. Let’s jump into how we designed it!

Where our appliance garage currently is used to be regular counter space in the original design. Think about how the back corner of our kitchen looks… that’s what it was. There were both upper and lower cabinets with counter space. We felt this was the perfect spot to change up and add an appliance garage.

During the design-center process, I drew out exactly what I wanted so our builder’s cabinet maker could custom create it for us. We don’t like clutter on our countertops so this was the perfect solution. Underneath we opted for three drawers instead of cabinets. I think drawers are much more practical and functional since you can easily see all the way in the back. Plus, you can physically reach everything. I like the two deep drawers with the standard depth option at the top. 

We wanted doors we could open and push in so they wouldn’t be in the way if we needed to leave them open for a long time. They slide in so easily and we made sure to tell them to put the stopper just short of where the cabinet handles are so they don’t bang into the wood. Don’t forget to ask for an outlet in the back so you can plug all of your appliances in!

Our appliance garage measures: 37″ tall, 26″ wide and 24″ deep.

After we closed on on our home and lived in it for more than a year, we knew what we needed for that space. We had a carpenter build the shelving inside for us with the soft-close drawer at the bottom. On the top shelf, we have our air fryer, coffee grinder in the back and our soda stream. On the bottom, we have our rice cooker, Vitamix blender and Nespresso.

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