Best Makeup Brushes I Use Daily

blogger hoang-kim cung shares the best makeup brushes including the artis elite mirror oval 7, charlotte tilbury bronzer and blusher brush, charlotte tilbury powder and sculpt brush, beauty blender, sephora collection pro crease brush #24, and mac 217 synthetic blending brush

I wear makeup every day. It’s a ritual for me that makes me feel put together and confident no matter what’s going on. I’ve tried many different beauty products, and after a lot of testing these are what I consider to be the best makeup brushes. I always come back to them because they make applying makeup much easier and create a better finished product. If you’re investing in new brushes and feeling overwhelmed by all the options, just start here!

Artis Elite Mirror Oval 7

I have been continuously impressed with Artis. They produce some of the best makeup brushes, including this one in particular. The bristles are super soft and luxurious feeling, and they seamlessly blend my foundation in less than two minutes. It’s incredible!

Charlotte Tilbury Bronzer & Blusher Brush

This brush truly is ideal for both bronzer and blush, though honestly it can be used for any kind of powder. The bristles are stiff enough to pick up a lot of product, yet very soft and not at all heavy. You end up with an even, well blended finish.

Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculpt Brush

I LOVE this brush. It’s incredibly versatile! The shape is perfect for applying setting powder and concealer under your eyes because it can reach the corners very easily. I highly recommend purchasing two instead of just one to prevent different colors and products from getting muddy.

Beauty Blender

I know there’s a lot of beauty blenders on the market now, but all the others I’ve tried simply are not up to snuff. It’s a must have that’s transformed how I apply makeup by smoothing out my concealer, cream contour and more. Remember, you have to use it wet or else it won’t work effectively!

Sephora Collection PRO Crease Brush #24

The Sephora brand is known for producing beauty products that are fairly comparable to the more expensive ones they carry. These brushes are very similar to MAC ones I have but cheaper. Similar to the Charlotte Tilbury one, you should get three: one for no product, one for dark crease colors and one for lighter colors.

MAC 217 Synthetic Blending Brush

These are the MAC brushes I was just talking about! It picks up color well, and it’s very easy to achieve different levels of pigmentation. Like I mentioned before, get three.

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