A-New-to-Me Designer I’m Really Loving and You Will, Too!

It is no surprise I absolutely love dresses. I usually feel most confident in dresses whether I wear them with heels, flats or even sneakers. They are comfortable, super flattering and easy. It’s a one-and-done outfit. Today, I want to share a new-to-me designer I’m really loving and I know you will, too!

It’s been a while since I found a designer where I love this many pieces and want to buy almost everything! I find myself truly loving so many dresses and tops and envisioning them in my wardrobe. Sea New York initially came onto my radar in March. I was at the flagship Nordstrom in New York City with my Mom and she was looking for dresses with pockets. Almost all of Sea’s dresses have pockets and they are hidden! I know their price point is a bit higher than usual, so I’ll dive into how I find their pieces on sale and more about the brand below.

About Sea…

At full retail price, most of Sea’s dresses are in the upper $300s or $400, which to be candid, is more than I’m comfortable spending regularly on a dress. However, I do understand why their dresses are at that price point. They use natural fabrics, including cotton and linen and not synthetics such as polyester. The quality of Sea’s pieces from their stitching to dresses being lined is one reason they are more expensive. Finally, practically all of their dresses have hidden seam pockets! Plus, they are so well done. A lot of times pockets don’t look good on dresses or skirts because they aren’t sewn into the side seam well and the construction isn’t there.

Another reason I love Sea is the draping of their pieces is just stunning. Most of the dresses tend to have a more roomy or flowy silhouette. A lot of times, these dresses can look frumpy, but Sea’s are elegant and have clean lines. I’m a big fan and appreciate how they are great for meal time, too! All of these would be stunning wedding guest dresses. All of these are reasons why Sea is a designer I’m really loving.

Finding Sea on Sale

During Prime Day, I saw a ton of Shopbop’s selections were part of the sale. I sifted through what was available and saw a number of Sea dresses to my surprise! That’s when I first purchased this pink dress that’s now almost sold out. There is a large size available here, by the way. Since then, I’ve been scouring Shopbop, Saks, Nordstrom, Sea’s sale section and more to find Sea dresses on sale! Below are some of my selects!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021 Preview Picks







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