Why You Need a Pair of Wide-Leg Pants

Why you need a pair of wide leg pants for summerWhy you need a pair of wide leg pants for summer Blogger Hoang-Kim wears a striped crop top with white wide leg pants Hoang-Kim wears a striped crop top with wide-leg pants Wide leg pants with a striped crop top for summer outfit ideaStriped crop top with a pink headband for summer outfit ideaWide leg pants with a striped crop top for summer


Outfit c/o River Island: White Wide-Leg Pants (11 colors!), Striped Crop Top, Pink Headband
Acrylic Bag (comes in tons of colors!), Suede Heels, Crystal Hoop Earrings

You may have seen plenty of wide-leg pants popping up lately, especially on me! Wide-leg pants are very nostalgic for me. They give me the same vibes as the pants I would wear with an Ao Dai, which is a traditional Vietnamese long dress. I’m partnering with River Island on today’s post to share why you need a pair of wide-leg pants, especially for summer! Wide-leg pants are all the rage right now and these white ones are my current obsession. Wide-leg pants are extremely flattering on everyone and they really elongate you! Plus, they’re so comfortable to wear, especially in the heat because they aren’t tight or restrictive. They really let your skin breathe and keep you cool. This particular pair of wide-leg pants comes in 11 colors, including classics such as black but also fun colors such as lavender, pink and more!

I love wearing wide-leg pants with crop tops because they really lengthen my petite frame. I’m wearing size US 2 and they fit perfectly. At first, I had concerns these pants would need alterations, mainly a hem job, but that’s not the case. I’m 5’3, wearing 3 1/4 inch heels and these pants hit at a great length. They do dust the floor a little bit but I don’t mind. Since summer is rolling in, I’m pairing these pants with a fun striped crop top. If you get these pants, there are endless styling opportunities. Here are some other crop tops I think would be fantastic with these wide-leg pants.

You’ll definitely be seeing me in these pants more this summer, so stay tuned! They truly are so comfortable and easy to wear. I also think certain work environments would allow these pants, too! Especially with a nice blouse and pumps! I can see myself wearing these to brunch, the beach, dates and so much more!