Valentine’s Day Date and Gift Ideas

[outfit_details]Valentine’s Day Date and Gift Ideas
On Me: Red Crop Top, Red Leggings, Fleece Pullover
On Johnny: Plaid Button Down, Navy Joggers, Jackson Ultima Figure Skates[/outfit_details]

Buying a gift for the man in your life can be quite difficult. Every man is different with different tastes and preferences. Johnny isn’t too picky, but I enlisted his help. In this post, we are sharing some Valentine’s Day date and gift ideas to help you (and him) plan your perfect day for this holiday. It doesn’t have to be stressful. Remember, this holiday is about expressing your love to another person. A gift doesn’t have to be grand or expensive. A thoughtful, meaningful gift or experience could mean the world to your significant other.

Gift Ideas

  • The Softest Athletic/Lounge Clothes – If it’s a lazy weekend, Johnny is in his blue Outdoor Voices pants and gray hoodie. If he’s gym-bound, you’ll find him in the same. This workout gear doubles as loungewear. It’s the definition of “athleisure.” It’s a little pricey, but if you’re into getting very high-quality clothes you’ll wear a lot, be comfortable, and be functional all at once, OV has got the gear for you.
  • Run on Clouds Sneakers – These are an easy way to stand out and perform your best. These sneakers can blend into a business casual setting and give your man some flare or he can run a marathon in them. These are a compliment magnet. I get so many when wearing these out. They’re so light and comfortable, it’s hard to remember to take them off when I get home.
  • The Must-Have Sweater – This sweater has kept me and Johnny warm through and through. Honestly, all the men in my family have it and love it. A great laying piece for hikes that’s relatively lightweight and good in cool to cold temperatures. Incredibly versatile and snuggle-worthy if you’re laying on his chest.
  • AirPods – Johnny cannot live without these. As of this post going live, Johnny has purchased his third pair. First, they don’t fall out. The headphones that come with your phone fall out more often because something tugs on the wire. Johnny is a man with AirPods in his ears all day either on calls, listening to a podcast during commutes, or music during a workout. Once you get AirPods, you’ll never go back to wired. It’s the only expensive product I’ve lost and re-bought because they’re actually worth it. FYI, they’re a lot harder to lose than you think too. Heck, get them for him and you.
  • Noise-Cancelling Headphones – If Johnny doesn’t have AirPods in his ears, he has these over them. According to him, they’re a life changer. The noise cancellation is unparalleled, making flights significantly better. They hold a charge really well, so Johnny can go a week or more without recharging. As someone who has to plug in two to three things daily, I can really appreciate something holding its charge.
  • French Press or Cold Brew Coffee Maker – If your significant other is like Johnny, he probably spends too much buying coffee at some special roasted and brewed place down the street. Buy him one of these or both so you can whip out either depending on the season. You can’t go wrong with a French press and the right roast and grind. I have limited cold brew knowledge. I just know you add water to the concentrate. I had one barista forget this and I swear I saw sound waves in the air. The fun of having these at home is you can experiment until your AM best friend tastes just right. Plus, it’s not an overly expensive option.

If you want more gift ideas, be sure to check out Johnny’s gift guide for men.

Date Night Ideas

Valentine’s Day dates don’t have to just be dinner and a movie. Just like how this Valentine’s Day date and gift ideas post is offering a few untraditional suggestions. Think outside of the box, beyond the favorite restaurant and newest romantic comedy hitting theaters. I hope these date night ideas inspire you to try something new, have a fun experience and spend time bonding with your significant other on Valentine’s Day.

Go Figure Skating

A romantic idea that’s sure to get the both of you moving, literally! Most local rinks will do something special for Valentine’s Day, so grab your date, a pair of warm clothes, socks and head to the rink. Plus, the chance of getting close to one another is pretty high. I grew up competitively figure skating but recently got Johnny his own skates. Now, it’s our favorite activity to do together and Johnny breaks quite the sweat perfecting his moves!

Take a Cooking Class

Spice things up by taking a cooking class together! Not only will the both of you make something yummy to eat that night, but learn a skill y’all will take home. Plus, you’ll learn something about each other by spending time in the kitchen and also hone your communication skills. Once you’ve mastered your recipe and am ready to take cooking to a new level, I recommend these utensils to help you make the perfect dish.

Visit the Local Arboretum / Botanical Garden

Dallas is known for its arboretum, which is simply exquisite. Johnny and I have been a few times and always leave in awe. Go for a quick dinner, then take a stroll. Going to an arboretum or botanical garden is a great way to spend time with one another, learn about each other’s tastes and take in some fresh air. Plus, it’s refreshing to take in nature’s beauty.

A Night at the Museum

Museums will usually go all out and have a special event for Valentine’s Day. Take a tour, take in the art and enjoy each other’s company. Art is sure to get people talking and it’s another great way to bond. Once you’re done, go out for drinks or a light dinner before winding down for the night.

Laugh it Off at a Comedy Show

The perfect way to let the worries and stresses of the day melt away with your significant other. Laughter is the best medicine, so why don’t the both of you get yourself a prescription -ahem- a ticket to a local show? You’ll both have a great time, learn what type of humor each one likes and of course, laugh aplenty.

Relax at the Spa

A big majority of spas will offer couple’s packages for a day at the spa. The both of you can unwind and forget about your troubles with a relaxing massage, facials and more. The both of you will emerge rested, rejuvenated and ready for the day ahead!

I hope you enjoyed this Valentine’s Day date and gift ideas post. There are so many different ways to celebrate this holiday – there are no set rules so you can do whatever it is the both of you want! Enjoy!

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