Transitional :: Stripes & Burgundy

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BP. Ruffle Shirt (currently restocked in very limited sizes!)
AG Jeans, Stuart Weitzman booties, Tory Burch crossbody bag

Happy Monday Everyone!
I cannot believe I was able to wear this outfit outside while it is so hot in Virginia, but all in the name of showing how I paired my new goodies from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Well, mainly the booties made me overheat, everything else wasn’t too bad. The dew points are making things awfully sticky though, so I hope everyone stays cool! This is a great transitional outfit between summer and fall and there are lots of pieces you can mix and match.
If it weren’t so hot and humid, I would be wearing these jeans nonstop. So far, I’ve only been able to wear them if I go to dinner at night since it can be breezy in the evening and I tend to be cold in restaurants. As mentioned in my What I Bought post, these are very comfortable and flattering. I love the wash on these jeans too! The material is very stretchy and they feel like leggings, as the name suggests. At their sale price, these jeans are a fantastic value and I highly recommend them!

Unfortunately, this striped ruffle shirt is only restocked online in very limited sizes. On a recent trip to my local Nordstrom, I saw one in size XS. So if you have your eye on this top, try checking in store. This shirt is light and breezy, so it works well for summer. I actually prefer to wear thin long-sleeve tops because it keeps the sun off my skin and keeps me cooler. This top is a great transitional piece. Right now wear it with shorts while summer is in full swing and switch to styling it with more layers as the temperature drops.