Three Jumpsuits You Can Wear As A Wedding Guest

Three Jumpsuits you can wear as a wedding guest
[outfit_details]Red Jumpsuit (wearing 00, comes in multiple colors), Blush Off the Shoulder Jumpsuit (XXS), Magenta Jumpsuit (00)
Nude Suede Sandals, Earrings c/o of Kendra Scott: White Earrings, Rose Gold Earrings, Lilac Earrings[/outfit_details]

Wedding season is officially upon us! I love going to weddings. The feeling of love, the joy of celebrating a couple and of course, getting dressed up are some of the reasons I love weddings so much. I love a good wedding guest dress but as we move toward modern times a chic jumpsuit is a fantastic alternative. Here are three stylish jumpsuits you can wear as a wedding guest. You’re sure to be bold, fresh and confident as you walk into the next celebration of love you attend. When it comes to finding the right jumpsuit to wear as a wedding guest, there are a few things to consider.


The first is fit. If this is off, you won’t look as put together as you would in a dress. Make sure the length is right. If it’s a tapered leg, you want this to hit either around or right below your ankle. If the leg flares, you ‘ll want it to either hit the floor or skim right above it. It’s worth seeing a tailor if the leg is too long. Also, make sure the jumpsuit isn’t super tight. You want to look elegant, not like you’re about to go out to a nightclub. Of course, you’ll want the jumpsuit to be fitted but not hugging your every single curve.


Make sure not too much cleavage is showing, especially if you’re going to a more conservative wedding. All three I’m sharing in this post are off-the-shoulder but my cleavage is tucked away. You don’t want a wardrobe malfunction or a little nip slip happening. High necklines are also great. They look chic and there is less chance of anything happening mid-dance or as you raise your glass for a toast.


Obviously, steer away from white, ivory, cream or champagne. Think of the season when you’re choosing a color. For spring weddings, blush pink or brighter colors are appropriate. Once it’s fall or winter, darker colors including black or navy are appropriate. I would recommend staying away from bold prints so you don’t draw too much attention to yourself.

 Jumpsuit as a wedding guest dress alternative


Easily one of my favorite jumpsuits to date. Some of you may remember my velvet jumpsuit from the holidays I love so much. This is the exact same shape and cut just made in a flat fabric. You’re sure to be comfortable in this jumpsuit as it’s super stretchy. The fit is absolutely incredible. It doesn’t budget, yet moves with you as you stand, sit, eat or dance. I’m wearing size 00 and couldn’t rave more about it. It fits perfectly right out of the box, so alterations aren’t needed, even if you’re petite. If you’re 5’2 or taller, I recommend getting regular sizing. If you’re shorter, go for the petite.

Another huge perk of this jumpsuit? It comes in 10 colors. I love red, bright blue, purple, thornberry and deep teal for weddings. Of course, black is a great failsafe. What I love about this particular jumpsuit is not only is it one of the best jumpsuits you can wear as a wedding guest but you can wear it to work too. Throw a blazer over it and you’re ready to take on the day.

Asian woman wearing strapless sweetheart neckline jumpsuit Asian woman wearing strapless sweetheart neckline jumpsuit

Asian woman wearing a blush off the shoulder blush jumpsuit


A beautiful blush pink hue adds femininity to this already romantic off-the-shoulder jumpsuit. When in this shade, these are jumpsuits you can wear as a wedding guest without a doubt. The key here is to make sure your cleavage isn’t coming out, so make sure you give yourself time to try this on and exchange for a different size, if needed. I’m wearing size XXS, which fits like a dream. However, I could size up to XS if I want. This jumpsuit is less than $80 and fits me like a glove right out of the box. I didn’t even need to hem it, which is rare for more flared bottoms.

The off-the-shoulder neckline on this particular blush jumpsuit is so well done. The sweetheart dip in the middle along with how the fabric drapes on the arms is so chic.Plus, it moves with me and isn’t too restrictive for a fabric without a lot of stretch. I’m wearing a strapless bra here but you can also wear stick-ons.

Asian woman wearing a blush off the shoulder blush jumpsuit A blush off the shoulder jumpsuit you can wear as a wedding guest

An off the shoulder jumpsuit as wedding guest dress alternative


There’s just something so flirty and romantic about an off-the-shoulder jumpsuit. This ruffles really make this one of the best jumpsuits you can wear as a wedding guest. The color is fantastic and you’re sure to stand out in a good way without being too distracting. I love how this jumpsuit has pockets, so you can stash small items. If you decide to wear an off-the-shoulder jumpsuit make sure it fits well so you don’t have any wardrobe malfunctions. This particular one also comes in black. I’m wearing size 00 and wish this came in petite. If you’re shorter than 5’3 you’ll need to get alterations done.

An off the shoulder jumpsuit you can wear as a wedding guest Asian woman wears a magenta off-the-shoulder jumpsuit


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