The Coffee Table Books I Love and Use for Styling

White and green floral arrangement on top of Texas Made Modern, Chanel and From the Land coffee table books on a floating mantel.

I’m a big bookworm and love to read or listen to audiobooks, nowadays. But that doesn’t just stop at my favorite fiction and nonfiction books. Coffee table books are a great way to decorate your home, give it some personality and inspire you. When I get in a rut, I love to open one of these and reset. I walk away inspired to cut a branch off our Japanese maple tree to put in a vase. Maybe I learn to make the bed a different way. Sometimes, I’ll find out the way I’ve been cooking fish in parchment was wrong all along. I’m excited to round up my favorite coffee table books in this post for you.

 Coffee table books can add texture, color or even lift. Maybe you’re putting your favorite candle on top or need a task lamp to be just a bit higher. Coffee table books can do just that. Rizzoli makes my favorite books because they are linen bound, the pages are nice and thick and the images are crisp.

Live Beautiful – A neutral cream linen makes this book perfect for styling anywhere. If you open up the pages, you’ll see beautiful interiors that will inspire you.

Made for Living – Light gray and medium size, this is a great “top” book stacked on top of something else or in between. The interiors inside are simply sublime and I take a lot of inspiration from them.

Texas Made Modern – Like the name suggests this boasts beautiful modern homes in the state of Texas.

From the Land – one of my first coffee table book purchases and it is worth every penny. Not only are the images of stunning homes simply breathtaking, but it also includes architectural floorplans. My Dad having studied architecture loves flipping through the pages.

Chanel – You’ll want to take the dust jacket off this one. It’s a streamlined black book detailing a lot of Chanel’s classic and modern designs. It’s about an inch thick so great for stacking.

The Making of Gucci – A striking black book with the Gucci logo all over the cover in a subtle way. It has both more recent and archival photos from the fashion house.

A Great Party – One of my dreams when buying this house was to host a lot. While the parties in this book are over the top, this book will serve as great inspiration!

AD – A classic book we somehow don’t own yet, but it’s on my list!

Personal Photo Books – I’ve seen stunning photo books in my friends’ homes and it inspired me to create one of my own! We have one we made of photos from our Vietnamese Engagement Party. We absolutely love ours, but my one regret is not getting the lay flat style.

Coffee table books I love

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