Bedroom Decor for Small Rooms in my Nebraska Apartment

Welcome to my Nebraska apartment bedroom! This is my first apartment, so it’s not quite the biggest. I’m sharing my bedroom in hopes it gives you ideas for bedroom decor for small rooms. Styling my bedroom is fun and relaxing for me. I’ve lived in this apartment for more than a year. During that time, I  would spend time searching for the right pieces, styling my bedroom just right and of course keeping it clean between constant travel and a tight, tight schedule! There are a few key ways to pull a bedroom together, including choosing the right statement pieces to let the room shine.

I absolutely love white bedding and fell in love with this Rivulets bedding years ago. However, I was concerned about the slight ivory tint since most of my bedroom had clean whites. I pulled the plug and I am so happy I did! The ivory color really pulls the gold frames into my bedroom and adds a touch of warmth. I think Anthropologie has since redone their rivulets bedding because a true white option is available along with a cream. Wholeheartedly, I couldn’t recommend this bedding more. I know it’ll last for years to come!

If you’re on a budget, I highly recommend going for statement bedding. This is a must when it comes to bedroom decor for small rooms. You don’t have to decorate the rest of the room for it to look pulled together. Invest in getting Euro Shams, too and it’ll really pull the look together. I plan on moving a few more times, so I didn’t want to weigh things down with headboard just yet. Having euro shams gives me that height without buying a headboard.

To me, my room is a place of inspiration and positivity, so along with my Dad’s help, we got these prints up to remind me to constantly believe in myself and to hustle. My Dad, a former architect was going to hang these via nails. However, we ended up using command strips, since I’m trying to get as much of my deposit back as possible, ha! Plus, they also help with not having a headboard.

In Nebraska, peony season is absolutely incredible! It seems like so many people are able to grow them so easily in their yards. I love going to the Farmers Market to buy fresh-cut blooms. Fresh flowers are so important to me and I try to always have a bouquet or at least three or four blooms on my nightstand to brighten my mood.

Thank you so much for reading!
xoxo Hoang-Kim

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