2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Men’s Top Picks by Johnny

2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Men's Top Picks


2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Men’s Top Picks
Floral Short Sleeve Shirt, Nike T-Shirt, Nike Jacket, Nike Joggers

If you haven’t checked out your recent Nordstrom, you must. Everything is wrapped in yellow! So much yellow. Kimmie tells me a lot of her readers were asking about my picks out of the Men’s department from the Nordstrom Sale, so bearing that in mind, I decided I could try and do a little bit of what she does to help the husbands, boyfriends, brothers and Dads of Color & Chic readers so they look fly this fall. However, I will admit I felt like I was going to have a heart attack before walking into Nordstrom. I just don’t like shopping, which is why Kimmie handles it. But here goes my 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Men’s Top Picks.


2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Men's Top Picks for Nike Athleisure2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Men's Top Picks for Nike Athleisure

Nike T-Shirt – This thing is swag. I feel like a World Cup player and I don’t even like soccer. The angular shape of the orange is very slimming and makes you stand out. Kimmie’s coworkers thought I lost weight – I, unfortunately, haven’t.
Nike Joggers – They feel great and are slimming. I’d definitely work out in these and feel comfortable doing deep squats in these. Definitely a great pant for fall and winter. This truly belongs on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Men’s Top Picks.
Nike Windbreaker – Saw this online and asked Kimmie to place it in my cart after my trip to Nordstrom. I think this is super stylish and if you zip it up more than 3/4 you’ll get the full effect. There’s a nice taper in the back so it doesn’t cut flat but arches and elongates you. Definitely a unique piece. I’m going for the pink but if it doesn’t work out, you’ll see me rocking the gray.
Patagonia Better Sweater – Stock up on these now to give as gifts. My favorite winter piece three years running and will most likely never change. The quality and warmth are superb.
Nike Shorts – These are the short versions of my joggers. Would like great with the tech fleece jacket as a set. More loungewear than activewear – I wouldn’t work out in these. You can do some serious BBQing or fall football watch partying.


2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Men's Top Picks Floral Shirt and Chinos

Floral Shirt – When I put it on it looks like a dress shirt. I feel like I belong at a fancy cocktail party. Personally, I think this would look killer under a nice blazer. Very flattering for my fellow athletic brothers. However, I’m a little scared about it wrinkling (Kimmie, can you promise to always steam this?) and the collar might spread or sag over time. But definitely a statement piece. P.S. You MUST wear an undershirt, sweat will show, but I do sweat profusely. This bears repeating.
Athletic-Fit Chinos – Not too thick and more lightweight. These have the texture of nice slacks but are more fitted and feel like chinos. I could imagine myself living in these going to the office each day. Comes in five colors. I’m 5’10 and wearing size 33×32.
Denim Shirt – Kimmie picked this out for me. Haven’t tried it on yet since I ended up having a call mid try-on session but I enjoy the idea of this!
Ted Baker Suit – I’m a big Ted Baker fan and this suit looks like it could do you no wrong. The color stands out and definitely looks chic.
Bomber Jacket – Looks really nice and I like the shawl collar a lot. Definitely a piece you throw on and walk out the door knowing you look fly.