The Non-Toxic Cookware You Need to Try

Johnny and I both love to cook. I have so many fond memories being in the kitchen with my Mom, Dad, older sister, brother and now Johnny! They say the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home and I couldn’t agree more. I’m very particular about the cookware we use. We swore off nonstick cookware a few years ago because of how toxic it can be. We started investing in cast iron and stainless steel. Cooking is a science and I’ll say we’ve definitely learned the proper ratios of using oil along with how to make food not stick to our pots and pans. We love cooking with cast iron and stainless steel. The cookware will stand the test of time and I’m excited to pass it down to our children. However, I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea cast iron can be heavy.

I’ll be honest, for the longest time I swore off almost anything “coated” for fear of it wearing off and seeping it our food. However, when a friend Johnny and I both deeply respect, Brett Hurt, mentioned he was investing in this awesome new non-toxic cookware company, we were intrigued. I reached out to Caraway about collaboration because we trust Brett. I’m excited to share my thoughts on their Non-Toxic Cookware Set in the gorgeous navy color! They come in four gorgeous colors.

Blogger Hoang-Kim in her white kitchen with a quartz waterfall island, Caraway Non Toxic Cookware and peony flower arrangement from Something Pretty Floral

One thing I really love about Caraway is they keep everything very simple. There are no hard-to-pronounce chemicals that can leach into your food. You know that saying, “you are what you eat”? After some research, it was shocking to discover 99.7 percent of Americans already have Teflon floating around in our blood. IN OUR BLOOD. That’s because it only takes 2.5 minutes of cooking on high heat for a traditional nonstick pan to exceed 500°F and start releasing chemicals. Even if you don’t use nonstick at home, you may eat out or go to a friend’s home who does. We literally threw out every single nonstick item we had. Plus, we couldn’t even stomach donating them because we didn’t want to subject someone else.

We have used my favorite statement cast-iron dutch oven for years, along with the matching skillet. Cast iron is heavy though and while we will never ever stop using these items, it’s nice to incorporate something new into our routine.

Caraway’s cookware has a mineral-based coating that doesn’t leach toxic chemicals into your delicious food. Plus, I really appreciate how it releases up to 60 percent less CO2 in the manufacturing process compared to traditional nonstick. Also, in the past week of using Caraway, we have yet to find something sticking to it! You can use less butter or oil when cooking, too.

The pots and pans are super easy to clean and store away. When you purchase the cookware set, it comes with an awesome magnetic pan rack and canvas lid holder you can pop into your existing cabinet to keep things simplified.

Caraway Cookware, a ceramic coated nontoxic cookware company, in a white kitchen with gas cooktop Caraway Cookware, a ceramic coated nontoxic cookware company, in a white kitchen with gas cooktop

One of the first meals we made using Caraway was eggs because I feel like that’s the best “nonstick test” out there! I used barely any oil and our scrambled eggs came out perfectly! You can put Caraway into the dishwasher without any worries, too.

I have a thing for aesthetics and I love how beautiful their cookware is. Johnny and I both love the navy and cream color, but the later was sold out at the time, so we currently have the navy. I love how it makes a statement, especially with the matching towels.

Cooking scrambled eggs in Caraway Cookware that's non toxic with ceramic coating Cooking with Caraway Cookware that's nontoxic with ceramic coating

Quality Over Time

September Update: It’s been a few months since we got our Caraway Cookware set and we still love them! Yes – the exterior bottom of the pans scratch a little bit. There’s really no way to avoid this if you have a gas cooktop. At this price point you really cannot complain. Our cast iron cookware doesn’t scratch this way, but you have to keep in mind one of our cast iron pots cost the same amount as this entire set.

For the price, this truly is a quality cookware set. The inside of the pots and pans have not scratched and we do not see any signs of the coating coming off. I’ve also used the dutch oven to bake bread and it came out beautifully!

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