Minimal :: Plaid Blouse Turned Shirt Dress

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Cupcakes and Cashmere blouse worn as a shirt dress (similar)
Style&co belt (similarRebecca Minkoff satchel, Topshop heels, Kendra Scott earrings

Hello Everyone! I can think of a couple pros for being petite. Most of them revolve around clothes including wearing kids clothes and my personal favorite: wearing longer blouses or tunics as dresses. I saw this beautiful plaid blouse in Kindred and loved it. There’s something about how soft this particular black plaid is on the white. The fabric is soft to the touch and very flowy. When I tried it on, I realized it was way too long for me to ever wear as a shirt. Luckily, I’m short enough to where I can wear it as a dress.
If you’re on the shorter side and have thought about wearing a shirt as a dress, I’ve found a few guidelines over the years. The first of course, your bum is completely covered and you have at least three inches left of fabric below.  If the shirt doesn’t have a lot of shape, adding a belt is a great way to “anchor” the material down, so a gust of wind doesn’t reveal it all. It’s probably best to stick to days without wind when you are wearing your shirt dress, however 😉
If you’re not petite and find yourself with a shirt that’s a bit too long, I love tucking the front in with a half tuck or perhaps tying the shirt together and leaving the back out. There are so many variations on the “half tuck” nowadays with the middle tucked in and the sides left out, or literally one half of the shirt tucked in and the other left out. The thickness of the fabric tends to decide which tuck you’ll have to go with, so don’t fight the fabric. Good luck!

Photography by: Mae Small